Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Earn Money Online Without Investment by Clicking Ads

At the end of 2017 and beginning of 2018, you can want to know - Making money online without investment by clicking Ads.

And you have found or listened that it is possible to generate revenues from some PTC (Paid-to-Click) site which pay for clicking their Ads. I know some of them pay. But you have to know much before joining this program.

Please listen to a true story of PTC site.

I have heard about PTC site about 6 years ago. One of my friends joined one PTC site which was become viral within few days in Bangladesh. Many of Bangladeshi users joined on it. Some of them who joined first and made huge referrals, they generated much money but the number of successful was very few.  That time, they had to pay $50  to join this program. Since the way of making money was too easy, lots of people had joined and after few month, suddenly this PTC program had been stopped without any notification. Nobody gets refund their investment.
Earn Money Online Without Investment by Clicking Ads

I had suggested my friend not to join that PTC site. Because on that time, I had thought, there is no way to success in short-cut method. But he didn't listen to me and he was also victimized.

This fraud in Bangladesh impacted on making money online at that time sadly, though after joining Freelancing marketplace, Affiliate marketing, and other online careers have been helped to overcome.

At 2016, I had joined several free PTC site to check how they cheat and if they don't scam, how much money they pay, does it potential etc.

I had found most of them are the scam, they don't pay.  Only NeoBux & Clixsense are legit.

But I don't recommend to join any PTC program if -
  • You don't want to lose time and effort.
  • You have any skill to serve.
  • You don't have any skill but you want to make the online career.
  • You want to earn much money.
  • You want to make passive income.
There have many legit and successive ways to make money online. You can follow one of them.

Pros and Cons of PTC (Paid to Click) Site

  • No need having skill.
  • Without investment.
  • Easy task.
  • No potential revenue.
  • Not productive & creative.
  • Most of PTC sites are the scam.
  • Losing efforts.
Finally, if you want to make little money online (I have made only $2 in 60 days on NeoBux) without investment by clicking ads, then you can join Clixsense and Neobux.

To increase revenue, you have to increase your active referrals, you have to join others task programs like Online survey,  mini tasks etc.

If you have any opinion please comment.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Blogger AdSense Approval Fast TRICKS

You know it is awesome to do blogging with Blogger and you also know it is the greatest way to generate money extra by publishing ads on the blog. Google AdSense is the most popular ads network.

It is very true that there have no tricks to approve Google AdSense fast for Blogger but if you follow the approval guideline in right way, your application must be approved. And really, it is very easy. So don't be scared.

Eligibility to participate Google AdSense:

  1. You must have an own site.
  2. You and your blog or website must have complied with Google AdSense Program Policies, Terms & Conditions.
  3. Your blog or website should be active at least six months.
  4. The blog must be in supported languages.
  5. You must be at least 18 years old. 
Blogger AdSense Approval Fast TRICKS

Blogger AdSense Approval Guidelines:

5 tips to approve Google AdSense application fast. 
  1. Publish unique and interesting posts

    It is recommended by Google AdSense to publish unique and interesting posts on your blog before applying. It will help your request to be granted.
  2. Create About, Contact, Terms & Condition, Privacy Policies pages

    To make your blog more trusted and reliability you must About, Contact, Terms & Condition, Privacy Policies pages with much content. You can create the new page from Blogger Dashboard → Pages → New Page.
  3. Make professional Site Design & Navigation

    Make your blog responsive, clean & fresh design. You must focus on its user interface. Don't use the exaggerated background colors. Put Menu bar.
  4. Engage with Vistors

    Remind, your earning depends on advertisement impression, action. So that, you must emphasis on engaging with your audiences and so why focus on content quality, readability. Publish informative, useful content.
  5. Apply for Google AdSense from Blogger

    It is the most important to approve fast. Don't apply directly. To apply for AdSense with Blogger go to Dashboard → Earnings → click on 'Sign up for AdSense' and provide the information correctly. If you follow this process you will get hosted AdSense account within 2-3 days.
There have few limitations on this account. One of them is you will not publish your Ads on your different website or blog. If you want to do this you must have a non-hosted account. Read how to apply for non-hosted AdSense account in a right way. My application for non-hosted account had been approved within 15 days. I hope your application also will be approved very fast.

If you want to know more details: Read AdSense Help - Before you sign up

If you need any help to get Blogger AdSense Approval fast, comment below or you can get help from Official AdSense Blog, Google AdSense Forum.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

How to Create a Facebook Frame [with Video]

Probably you have used Facebook Frame and you have made temporary profile picture with this, which was created by someone. And till today you are interested to know - How to create a Facebook Frame so that you can make your own picture frame.

And I will help you to create it. It is very simple, you don't know coding; just you have to follow the instructions step-by-step.
How to Create a Facebook Frame

Before starting, you need a frame you want to upload. This frame should be in PNG format with transparent background.

And the Facebook frame size should be 600X400 Pixels. It is recommended. I follow it. Whatever you can use the different size.

Let's start to create your own Facebook Frame. Play this video and follow step-by-step.

8 Steps to create a Facebook Frame

  1. Go to official Facebook Frame.
  2. Click on 'Create a Frame' option → You will see a Pop-up box → Click on Get Started → Next click on 'Upload Art'  and resize position to good look.
    You can select owner of this Frame from 'Select Owner' option. It is an option to choose from which Facebook Profile or Page you want to share this Frame.
    When complete this level click on Next.
  3. Next, you will see a new page where you will find some options to insert/check.
    Name: Provide the name of this Frame. The name should be short and readable.
    Location: Choose 'People in any location' if you want to allow this frame to use from any location in the world.
    Choose 'People in a specific location' if you want to allow this frame to use only from the specific location. For that, you have to use the location from the map.
    Schedule: If you want to allow to use this frame just now, you have to check 'Make active right away' and if you want to allow to use this frame just after a scheduled time, check 'Set a start & end date' option and you can do it by selecting the date & time.
    Keywords: The most important option to make viral your Frame on Facebook. Use the effective up to 10 keywords here so that people can find easily your Frame. Keywords should be separated by a comma.
  4. Click 'Next'.
  5. Review once and click on 'Publish' after confirmation. Click on 'Submit'. It will take a while to publish.
  6. Next, you will see to 'Share as Page'. Click on this. Fill this form according to Video.
  7. After completing step 6 you will see your shared frame on this page by which you have created this Facebook Frame.
You can also find to use Frame from Facebook Profile Pic Frame.

Top 10 Effective Ways of Making Money Online - Start at 2018

Forget the past year what happened to you to built online career. But the failure will help you to succeed. Because failure enriches the experience. Refresh your mind and determine the best ways of making money online. Let's start at 2018.

10 Effective Ways of Making Money Online

I have listed about 13 ways to make money online whose I have found effective and actionable. If you tried in right way, you will get result within few month, somewhere few days.
Ways of Making Money Online

1. Start Online Business

You know, online business is the best way to make money with reputation. Do not be scared to listen to business. I will not tell you about big business. Just start from the small business with low investment. You can do it only by $100 - $1000. If you have much budget, you can start comfortably.
Do you know - How to start, manage, organize business company? If you do not know, obviously you have to know deeply. To know you can take help from website, book or directly from successful businessmen or entrepreneurs.
I recommend you to read this article: How to Start a Small Business in 10 Steps

I have few suggestions to make succeeded your online business journey:

  1. Before starting Online Business, you have to research online marketplace: customer, products, demand & supply, competitors, the value of the product, the bear of cost.
  2. After selecting product, customer & region you have to launch Website. So choose the best eCommerce CMS, Dedicated Web Hosting and Branded Domain.
  3. If possible, you can rent a flat for your office & you must rent a storeroom for your products. You can also store your products in your own room. Whatever, safety for the product is essential.
  4. To promote your product and website, you need boost on Social site and Search Engine. For that, you need placing ads on the different website through Google AdWord (you can use other Ads publishing network). For the better appearance of your targeted keyword of product on Google, Bing, Yandex Search Engines, you need to hire SEO Expert.
  5. For offline, you have much management to do. If you know how to manage your business with or without stuff, very good, otherwise you need to hire or appoint them to your business.
  6. Do not expect revenue from first, second, third invest. You may not get much profit yet you have to continue your invest & serve.

2. Be a professional Freelancer

Have you any skill to serve others? If yes, you can make money by serving as a Freelancer. You can not imagine how many fields have to join online freelancing marketplace & I know you already know about it. Fiverr , Upwork , Freelancer are the popular freelancing marketplace. You can try those.
Be a professional Freelancer
You can serve the followings services according to your skills and experiences.
  • Graphics & Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Writing & Translation
  • Video & Animation
  • Music & Audio
  • Programming & Tech
  • Business
  • Fun & Lifestyle.

Tips to be succeeded in Freelancing Marketplace:

  • Don’t make any deal until you are complete to learn and handle client’s project.
  • Be positive and honest about your work.
  • Join the similar freelancer community.
  • Smartly handle clients
  • Focus on your performances.
  • Fast communication

3. Start Professional Blogging

The most trendy & smartest way for passive income. If you enjoy writing, if you have basic English, you can also start blogging for making money. Do you know many bloggers are now living by blogging? You can easily make money from blogging in various ways: Advertisement, Affiliate Marketing, Publishing Review post, Selling products etc.

Google AdSense is the most popular Ads publishing network for Blogger. Know how to apply for a Non-Hosted AdSense.
Start Professional Blogging
Recommended Articles:

Tips for blogging:

  • Choose the product related blog topic. It will help you to generate much money.
  • For better, you should learn basic Search Engine Optimization, otherwise, you have to hire from Freelancing marketplace and it is costly for someone.
  • Focus on post readability.
  • Start blogging professionally from the beginning. Buy custom domain & choose the best Blogging platform. For better choose WordPress or Blogger. If you don’t have much budget to buy web-hosting then I recommend using Blogger platform what is just awesome.

4. Create Youtube Channel

Youtube is the largest second Search Engine & the best platform to broadcast yourself. You already know, how much the strongest platform Youtube is! If you are interested to create and publish Video content, then Youtube is the best choice. Just create a professional channel and upload your best content.
Create Youtube Channel
You can easily generate money from Youtube. For that, you have to make a partnership with Google AdSense and it is very easy if your channel has at least 10K views. Without AdSense, you can make money by promoting affiliate product links.

Tips to be successful Youtuber:

  • Choose the products related channel. Because it will generate more money than other topics. But you can also choose any topic which is supported by Youtube Content Policy.
  • Create professional look Youtube Channel. Design excellent Channel logo banner. Intro & outro must be attractive and professional look. For that, you can hire from Fiverr. You know, a lot of awesome graphics designers, video makers are available there to serve you only for $5.
  • Target your audience high CPC, CPM Country like US, UK, Canada, Australia etc.
  • Upload content weekly. Better you can upload daily if possible.
  • Don’t violate Youtube Content Policy.
  • Focus on content quality.

5. Forex & Bitcoin Trading, Bitcoin Mining:

What is Forex & Forex Trading?

Forex is for Foreign Exchange. Forex Trading is a business by exchanging foreign currency in over-the-counter (OTC) market. It is becoming popular as the money making way day by day. Because, you don’t need to any work, create a website. Just you have to invest and you can start from $1.

Example, you have purchased $100 from Forex Trading Marketplace with your local currency rate 79 BDT/USD and after few days, the rate has been increased into 85 BDT/USD, then you will be profited 6 BDT/USD , if you sell your Dollar with this rate.
Forex & Bitcoin Trading, Bitcoin Mining
Now you may ask what is Bitcoin & Bitcoin Trading?
Bitcoin is a digital currency which payment system works without central repository and this payment system worldwide. Bitcoin is also called cryptocurrency.
Details in Wikipedia: Bitcoin
You can easily earn Bitcoin by Mining. Mining is the process to verify the Bitcoin transaction. For mining per transaction, you will be rewarded some Bitcoins. To started mining Bitcoin you have to sign up any Bitcoin wallet.

6. Buy & Sell Domain

You can easily do this business. Buying & selling domain is the profitable business you can start with low invest. Choose the excellent, brand domain and purchase from reseller program. If someone is interested to buy this domain, you can sell this for the higher price.

If you have established a domain and you want to sell at the higher price, then Flippa can be your first choice.

Tips for buying and Selling Domain:

  • Choose the keyword base Domain
  • The domain should be short as possible.
  • Buy a hosting package to show the demo site, where you can put advertisement to sell this domain.

7. Be Online Tutor: Paid Online course

Be Online Tutor
If you any professional skill and you prefer to teach through online, then you can start paid online course.
  • Upload Video tutorial on Youtube as paid content.
  • Be instructor or teacher on online course platform like Udemy, Edx etc.
  • Create your own website & start paid online course.

8. Create Android application

Are you an Android application developer? Do you know, you can easily make money without doing work in freelancing marketplace. Just create an excellent, helpful Android app. Associate with Google AdMob. So that you will be paid money to display Google AdSense Display on your application. You can also use different Mobile advertising network but I recommend you to use AdMob by Google.

You can also generate revenue directly from application user. Just launch your application on Google Play store as paid. When user will buy this application you will be paid via Google.

9. Email Marketing

Email Marketing
Email marketing is one of the popular digital marketing. If you can make targeted list building you can make money by selling products, affiliate program and also you can sell gigs on Fiverr.

10. Online Survey jobs

Many Online Survey companies pay for doing the survey online. You can make maximum $2 by completing a survey.

I think you should not try this if you have any skill to serve. Because it is not so productive ways to make money. Similarly, you should not attend PPC, PTC Program. Rather you should try the above except this.

Read this article, If you want to make money without investment.

Without AdSense, AdMob Google offers more features to make money online.

You may see various ways of making money online but I have found the above most succeeded way. If you found any effective way please share with us.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Eliminate Render Blocking Google Fonts CSS [Fast Loading]

When I first use Google Font on my Blogger blog, I found it so heavy to load. After checking Google Page Speed Insight I became so depressed the result. It recommends to eliminate render blocking the Google Fonts CSS I had used. I didn't know how to eliminate this render blocking to fast loading.

For why I was looking for a solution on Google and found two ways: Using JavaScript Code and Using Adobe or others TypeKit for Google Font loading.
Eliminate Render Blocking Google Fonts CSS
Google Fonts Image
Source: Wikimedia

I didn't get expected result by using the first method but Adobe TypeKit was cool at a first sight. Though it worked well, I had given up. Because it doesn't offer full features in free like below.
  • It has page view limitation(25,000 Pageview/Month)
  • Limited Font Collection
  • Only for 1 domain
  • Only for 1 year
If you want to more features you have to upgrade. You can check the price of TypeKit.

So I didn't use those method. Next I had an idea and finally I did it. You know, it is totally free for life time and you can use unlimited Google Fonts, Websites.

And I am showing this tips have been worked.

4 Steps to eliminate the render blocking Google Fonts CSS:

1. Choose Google Font

First select the Google Font to use on your Blog or Website. You will see instructions to install Google Web font. It will suggest to copy the whole link tag with URL. But you have to copy just URL of font CSS and go to the URL through new tab.
Google Font CSS URL

2. Copy the Google Font CSS

When you will visit the URL, you will see some CSS code of font face. Select all (Ctrl + A) and Copy (Ctrl + C) the whole code.

3. Minify the copied CSS

You need to minify the copied CSS through CSS Minifier.

4. Insert the CSS code 

Copy the minified CSS and you have to integrate it just before </head> tag on your header.php (if you run your website or blog on Wordpress), index.html (for static website). For Blogger blog paste the minified CSS Blogger Dashboard → Theme → Edit HTML.

Don't forget to wrap with <style></style> tag.

You have finished to install Google Font which will load faster the previous method. It will load Google Fonts asynchronously.

You can check font loading speed from Google PageSpeed Insight and let me know have it worked this tip for you? Does it eliminate render blocking Google Fonts CSS?