Thursday, February 15, 2018

How to Write Bengali on Facebook Comment

If you are using Android Smart Phone, It is a very common problem to write the comment, post, message on Facebook in Bengali.

Not having installed a Keyboard on your device that supports Bengali typing is the main reason for which you can't write on Facebook Comment.

Write Bengali on Facebook
If you are using Computer you have to install Bengali Keyboard Software.
If you are using Android device, you have to install Bengali Keyboard Apps from Google Play Store.
  • Ridmik
  • Bijoy
  • Mayabi
  • Google Indic Keyboard
2 Steps to Write Bengali on Facebook Comment, Post:
  1. Install the Bengali Keyboard
  2. Launch the Keyboard
  3. Switch the mode in 'Bengali'/ 'অভ্র' 
  4. Write in Bengali
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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Get Custom Blogger Templates - Customize The Look

You are in the right place to custom any Blogger templates or themes.

Why you need to custom your Blogger Templates/Themes:
  • To customize the design or outlook of your blog theme.
  • To optimize the page speed, SEO Friendly.
  • To add/remove layout/gadgets.
Custom Blogger Templates
2 ways to customize blogger templates:
  1. Customizing templates by yourself (If you know how to customize).
  2. Hiring Blogger Theme Developer.

How to customize Blogger Themes/Templates:

Before customizing, you must know the basic (intermediate recommended) skill in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, Blogger Theme Development etc. 

How to customize Blogger Theme by an Expert:

If you don't have much coding skill, you must hire a Blogger Theme Developer. You can hire on Freelancing marketplace like Fiverr, Upwork etc.
You can also hire me on Fiverr to customize blogger template & the cost is affordable. 

Thursday, February 8, 2018

How to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

Do you want to make money online without paying anything? Then I say, it is not possible without paying anything.
For making money online you have to invest either money or effort. If you invest both, you will get success very soon. If you have no money to invest, then choose the second: effort. So why you need to be skilled in a specific profession or service you can offer through online, it may be freelancing marketplace, blog or website.

Make Money Online Without Paying Anything
Here are the effective 5 ways to make money online without paying money but effort:
  1. Freelancing at Marketplace:

    'Freelancing' is the most known terms in ONLINE who are seeking for the job here. If you have any specific skill to serve others, you can join any freelancing marketplace and will be paid for doing jobs. Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, PeoplePerHour are the most popular of them. You can serve anything with your skill. Fiverr is the best choice for the beginners. 
  2. Blogging at Blogger(Service):

    Blogging is the smartest way to make money as well as promoting yourself. If you don't have any budget, you can start blogging on Blogger (a blogging service by Google). Here, you don't need to purchase domain & hosting. Monetizing a blog is very simple. Putting ads, affiliate links, promoting other paid post etc are the effective way to monetize. Read to know 5 ways to make money from blogging.
  3. Publishing Video Content on Youtube:

    Nowadays, uploading video contents & publishing on Youtube has become trendy & the most effective way to be popular. Many of Youtube has become a celebrity overnight through it. If you think you can do anything before the camera, don't wait to promote yourself. You can also do the interesting video of anything which may be enjoyable or helpful for others. Not only that, you can easily earn $1000/Month from your videos by monetizing your Youtube channel.
  4. Selling photos/videos:

    Yes, you are listening to the truth. Now it is the great income source by selling photos, footage clips, illustrations, vectors are designed or created by you. If you are a photographer, video content creator, graphics designer this way can be effective & successful.  Alamy, iStockPhoto, SutterStock, Photoshelter etc may be the right choice to sell photos or video clips.
  5. Selling products on Facebook:

    Many entrepreneurs have been succeeded their startup online business on Facebook. You don't need website even any budget to boost your post if your facebook page has a lot of organic followers/likers. Just promote your facebook post of the specific product with more clearly and eye-catchy. 
So if you are serious to make money online without paying anything but efforts, you should start with one of the above.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Buy Domain for Blogger (Service) - Compulsory Features You Need

Starting the blogging on Blogger (Service) is the right decision if you have no much budget for hosting. But you can make your blog branded by setting up a custom domain and you have to buy a domain that supports all the compulsory features are required to Blogger.

Why am I telling about the compulsory features & what are they?

The compulsory features mean the full control panel of your purchased domain from the domain providers. Many of them don't allow the full control & you may be victimized if you purchase from local, non-popular domain & hosting providers.
Buy Domain for Blogger

The following features you should focus highly:
  • Customizing (Add, Delete, Edit) CNAME Records.
  • Customizing (Add, Delete, Edit) TXT Records.
  • Customizing (Add, Delete, Edit) NS Records.
  • Customizing (Add, Delete, Edit) A Records.
  • Customizing (Add, Delete, Edit) AAAA Records.
Those are mandatory because you need while setting up a custom domain for Blogger manually. 

The Best Domain Service Providers for Blogger (Service):

If you need more information or help to purchase the domain for Blogger, don't feel hesitate to share with me through comment or email.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Review of Media.Net Ads Network - Alternative to Google AdSense?

If you have the daily 1000 (at least) visitors on your English blog or website from US/UK/Canada, you have the great opportunity to generate more revenues by displaying contextual ads. The revenue is more than Google AdSense, I have found.

If you sign up from a Ambassador link, you will receive a BONUS of 10% on your earnings for 3 months & also the Ambassador will receive 10% on your earnings. Both will be rewarded. So don't miss this chance.

Probably, you know the Media.Net is an Ad Network by Bing/Yahoo and it is the 3rd largest popular Ad Network.
Review of Media.Net Ads Network

Since my revenue from Google AdSense was low, I was looking for the best alternative/supportive Ads Network to boost my income by displaying ads and I have found

I applied for Blogger blog (this) & after few day, my application had been approved through my daily page view was 500+.

At the beginning, the RPM & Estimated Revenue was 0.00. So I had become frustrated to it. But after 3/4 days, generating revenues had been started ant that was too much big than Google AdSense.
RPM of Media Net Ads

At the beginning, RPM was 0.00 because it takes time to optimize the keyword related to their contextual ads to ensure the best revenue for the publishers. So you have to be patient before getting revenues.

I have found maximum $5.42 RPM. But you will see my income is low because:
  • The blog topic is not product related.
  • The major traffic doesn't come from US, UK, Canda. 
  • The daily page view is too much low still now.
So, if you want to make huge money from your blog or website by displaying any Ads as a publisher, you must complete the above three conditions.

Searching on Google for the review of, I have found several posts about negative results.

The major blame was they didn't get any earnings somewhere the RPM was 0.00. So why they left displaying ads.
It has happened to me from December to 16th/17th January. Within these days, the revenue was totally 0.00 & I had started to believe their opinion. But it has been proved false because the RPM is now starting to respond. 

I have also asked my personal ads publisher support provided by about this and he has said, 
The revenue generation depends a lot on the number of impressions, keyword clicks, and ad clicks. 

Approval requirements & Tips:

  • Blog or Website with Custom Domain.
  • Quality & original contents in English.
  • At least 500 daily page views & receive most traffic from US/UK/Canada.
  • Don't violate copyright policy and don't put content related to drug/sexual/hacking/phreaking/software piracy etc illegal.
  • Don't use free hosted.
  • Don't use excessive ads while applying for
Read to know more approval guidelines.

How to apply for

  1. Go to from an Ambassador link.
  2. Sign up with your website/blog URL, Email, Phone Number.

How to apply for
If your application is approved, you will be notified via email.

How to create Ads unit:

  1. Log in as Publisher
  2. Ad Units
  3. Choose the size from "Create New Ad Unit" option, name the ad unit.
  4. Save & Get Code.
  5. Pate the copied code on your blog or website where you want to show ads.

How to customize Ads unit:

  1. Log in as Publisher
  2. Ad Units
  3. Select the ads unit you want to customize.
  4. Choose the default design from "Preferred ad skin".
  5. Customize the custom color, background from "Color Customization".

How to enable/disable Mobile Ads:

  1. Log in as Publisher
  2. Ad Units
  3. Select the ads unit you want to customize.
  4. Click on "Advanced Options".
  5. Choose the "Enable" to enable Mobile ads and "Disable" to disable Mobile Ads.

How to add multiple website/blog to

  1. Log in as Publisher
  2. Go to "Site Management" option from header navigation menu.
  3. Click on "Add a Website".
  4. Insert the required information and click on "Submit".
Best Ads Size: I have found 300x250, 600x250, and 728x90 are the best ads size and also recommended by To boost revenues, bend the color and background of ads unit on your blog or website.

Payment Method: Paypal, Wire Transfer and the minimum payment threshold is $100.

How to add PayPal account to

  1. Log in as Publisher
  2. Click on your profile name from the top-left corner and choose "Payout Settings".
  3. Choose "PayPal" and insert your PayPal ID (Your PayPal email address).
  4. Update Information.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question-1: Can I run Ads alongside Google AdSense?
Answer: Yes

Question-1: Can I apply for Ads as a publisher to run ads on Blogger blog?
Answer: Definitely, if you have a custom domain.

If you want to choose as an alternative to Google AdSense, I must recommend it. But you can run both to boost your revenues.

And if you have more question to know, please let me know.