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Advantages And Disadvantages of Blogger (Blogging Platform)

Advantages And Disadvantages of Blogger

The question what is the advantages and disadvantages of Blogger declares how much serious you are to start blogging. Yes blogging is the smartest way to promote yourself and grow business. If you can take it from your passion, you will enjoy so much. And if you want to make career as blogger, you can make rich your target with the big supports: experiences and money.

Blogger is a blog hosting platform that is owned by the tech-giant Google, where you can blog as well others. Blogger is completely controlled by Google and offers the users to create 100 blogs per Gmail account. But you don't need the large numbers of blogs to blog professionally.

Advantages of Blogger

  1. Free Unlimited Hosting Space
    Blogger offers unlimited hosting space for your blog and the hosting space is totally free. If you check the price of unlimited hosting space without slow down, you will see how much costly they are. If you are new at blogging and want to start blogging without investing enough money then you should must choose Blogger. That means I am not doing suggestion you to leave blogger when you are a pro-blogger. We are using also Blogger platform.

  2. Blogger is written in Python
    Blogger the product of Google is written in Python Programming Language. Probably you know Python is the more flexibility and scalability than PHP, .NET etc. So the future of Blogger Development (like upgrading, improving, integrating etc) is bright and longterm stability. And the hosting cost of using Python in Web is expensive and Blogger offers it to user free. Can we imagine this values?

  3. Secured & Safe Platform
    Established owners of Blog are always suffers from hacking. As Blogger is fully controlled by Google, the users of it are fully out of tension about server resources, contents, backup etc, where the self-hosted platform less secured and safe. So they have to keep backup content, check security regular.

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    Blogger is recommended for it secured platform

  4. Hosted and Non-Hosted AdSense
    For making money through showing ads on blog, Blogger offers Hosted and Non-Hosted Google AdSense. Where approving of Non-Hosted AdSense is difficult, Hosted AdSense for Blog is easier than it. You can easily apply for Google AdSense from Blogger → Earnings. Not only Google AdSense you can apply for the top Ads platform like Infolinks, Bidvertiser, Buysellads etc for a blog is hosted on Blogger.

  5. Custom Domain
    By default Blogger offers you free sub-domain with hosting space and content management system. If you want to remove sub-domain and add custom domain, you can do it. You can add custom domain with manually.

  6. Themes
    Blogger offers about 20 professional free Blogger themes to install on your blog. The oldest themes are available but you should choose from the latest Blogger themes are released few days ago.

    You can also purchase premium theme from Themeforest and other resources. Free Blogger themes are also available but there has a lot of disadvantage of using free Blogger themes. 

  7. Search Engine Optimization
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    The reasons why you should choose Blogger

    There has a myth about the SEO for Blogger that a blog is hosted on Blogger is less SEO Friendly. But this concept is fully unproved. Because they don't know the mechanism of Google Search Engine, how it crawls and index pages. Where Google suggests other how should organize their website or blogs, will Google build a blogging platform which is less Search Engine Optimization friendly? What a dumbly thought ! If you check the HTML of your Blogger HTML, you will see it follows the Schema Markup and you can fix structured data markup if have any errors.

    I have seen many time, for the specific keyword, Google show the results of blog or website that is hosted on Blogger.  If you have any doubt, then write “Convert HTML to Blogger XML” on Google and check the first result.

  8. Associate with Amazon Affiliate
    For Amazon Affiliate marketing you can choose Blogger platform without any hesitation that does Amazon allow Blogger for affiliate marketing? Because when you create account on Amazon as affiliate marketer, you will see Blogger as an option of Blog management system. And Amazon associates Blogger officially. So you can share affiliate link of products on Blogger blog to earn money.

  9. Support and Help
    If you face any problem, issue about Blogger, you can get help from Blogger support, where you can put question and get answer rapidly as possible. Then more, If you search on Google, you will get a lot of results about your problem to solve.

Disadvantages of Blogger

  1. Portability
    Though you can backup blogger contents (post and comment) and upload into another blogger blog but you can't migrate into other blogging platform easily without losing traffic.

  2. Freedom of Control
    You can control the basic of blog like deleting, editing, publishing blog, post, page, comment. But if you violate any rule of Blogger content policy, Blogger reserves the rights to delete your blog without notifications. So don't violate content policy.

  3. Plug-ins
    Blogger offers Gadgets instead of plug-ins. But this is about basic. If you want to install SEO plug-ins on your Blog, it is not possible. The major limitation of Blogger is installing Plug-ins as Wordpress.
To see more limitation of Blogger check Wikipedia. After all, Blogger is obviously popular platform to start blogging for beginners. The advantages of Blogger is more than disadvantages.

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But if you want to start making money from blogging through selling products, Hosting affiliate and others CPA Leads, you should to choose Wordpress.

Check Blogger VS Wordpress for making money.
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