Published: Friday, March 01, 2024, Updated: Friday, March 01, 2024

Monetag Review: Best Google Adsense Alternative With High CPM

No doubt, AdSense is one of the most lucrative Ad Network for generating revenue from Blog or Website. But getting approved AdSense application is not easy all time.  In 2024 it becomes more difficult and challenging. 

Best Adsense Alternative Ad Network With High CPM - Monetag

Let me share my recent story. I had some blogs approved with AdSense. Somehow, I didn't renew those domain and was inactive for few months. Few days ago, I have renewed theme and apply for AdSense again. And those blogs were rejected by Google AdSense Team. 

Another story. At the end of 2023, I got approved my one website with few contents, it is about 15 posts with 700 words average. With the same content, same quality, I have tried in February, 2024. They rejected my Application. For both content was AI & Human touch support. 

So I found, in 2024, getting AdSense approved for new website or blog will be more challenging. 

Since they rejected multiple times, I had to take decision to choose alternative ad network and tested different ad networks. Finally found the best one - Monetag.

What is Monetag?

Monetag is an Ad network that provides Ads publishing services through websites, blogs, android apk application and direct links. Advertisers can publish their ads and publishers generate revenue those ads to their channel. 

Is it legit?

Yes, Monetag is a trusted ad network platform like other legit platforms. It pays to publishers regulary as AdSense does. The minimum pay out of Monetag is 5 USD for PayPal, Skrill & Webmoney Z; 20 USD for Payoneer; 500 USD for Online Banking. 

You can withdraw your earnings Weekly and Monthly period. Remember, the first withdraw takes 14 days for security reason as Monetag mentioned. 

Ads Category

This ad network platform provides mainly 6 categories ads and all are AI-enhanced. It means it will boost your earnings by displaying ads according to your visitors and devices. 
  1. Popunder
  2. Push
  3. Vignette Banner
  4. In-Page Push
  5. Interstitial
  6. SmartLink

How Monetag Works

This platform provides smooth user interface, with clean dashboard. 

How to create ad zone Monetag

How to create ad zone in Monetag
  1. Create account
  2. Add website (You can earn money without website or app. Use direct links and  share to your social accounts and email)
  3. contact support team - . Monetag doesn't provide automatically domain approved. They requires manually approved. So you must contact through this mail and good news is that they reply within 24 hours. 
  4. After approved your website, go to Sites ⟶ Add Zone
  5. Select your preferred ad type and click on Get Tag
  6. Copy the code and paste to your website. 
  7. Meanwhile complete your profile, payout settings. 

Pros of Monetag

  1. Easy and faster approved
  2. High CPM
  3. Minimum payout
  4. Payout methods variation. 
  5. Early payment date: Weekly and Monthly
  6. Priority program: A manager will appointed to you if you achieve Level Gold.
  7. Support center

Cons of Monetag

  1. No native banner ads

Final thoughts

If you have good real traffic and your website got rejected from AdSense, Monetag is the best alternative according to my experience. And place the ads carefully. Excessive ads may impact your traffic and Google ranking. But if your website is already approved and running AdSesne, I don't recommend Monetag. 
Elliyas Ahmed
Elliyas Ahmed
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