Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Hire White Hat SEO Expert

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most important key-factor to boost Online Business. If you don't know how to optimize your Website to rank on Search Engine like Google, Bing/Yahoo, Yandex, DuckDuckGo, you must hire a White Hat SEO Expert.
Your question may be - What do you mean about White Hat SEO Expert?

The SEO Expert who follows the legal strategy which complies with Search Engine Rules like Google Webmaster Guidelines, Quality Guidelines,

Hire White Hat SEO Expert
A White Hat SEO Expert is always concerned about the followings:

  • Content quality
  • Sneaky redirecting
  • Cloaking Links
  • Putting hidden text and links
  • Using scraped content
  • Using irrelevant keywords
  • Creating pages with malicious behavior
  • User-generated spam
  • Comment Spamming
  • Paid linking
  • Private Blog Networking (PBN)

Applying the Black or Gray Hat SEO strategy is the cause of listing Website in Blacklist of Google. Many Buyers have informed me that, Google is slapping their Website because of it.

Remember before HIRING SEO Expert:

  1. "No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google." - Google
  2. It is not possible to rank a Keyword for a Website overnight.
  3. If any SEO Expert or Agency offers you manage huge traffics from Search Engine overnight, it means they are going to deceive you by providing traffic from "fake" search engines, spyware, or scumware.
  4. Read to see more instructions for hiring SEO Expert, recommended by Google.
I have applied the legit SEO strategy on this blog & several blogs of my Buyers (Fiverr). Finally, we have got the expected ORGANIC visitors from Search Engines.

I emphasize on On-Site SEO.

If you want to hire me as a White Hat SEO Expert for your Online Business, you can do it through Freelancing Marketplace Fiverr or Directly.

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Thursday, February 15, 2018

How to Write Bengali on Facebook Comment

If you are using Android Smart Phone, It is a very common problem to write the comment, post, message on Facebook in Bengali.

Not having installed a Keyboard on your device that supports Bengali typing is the main reason for which you can't write on Facebook Comment.

Write Bengali on Facebook
If you are using Computer you have to install Bengali Keyboard Software.
If you are using Android device, you have to install Bengali Keyboard Apps from Google Play Store.
  • Ridmik
  • Bijoy
  • Mayabi
  • Google Indic Keyboard
2 Steps to Write Bengali on Facebook Comment, Post:
  1. Install the Bengali Keyboard
  2. Launch the Keyboard
  3. Switch the mode in 'Bengali'/ 'অভ্র' 
  4. Write in Bengali

I hope, you have enjoyed this. If you have more question to know, please comment below. If you find this article helpful, don't forget to share with your friends and others.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Get Custom Blogger Templates - Customize The Look

You are in the right place to custom any Blogger templates or themes.

Why you need to custom your Blogger Templates/Themes:
  • To customize the design or outlook of your blog theme.
  • To optimize the page speed, SEO Friendly.
  • To add/remove layout/gadgets.
Custom Blogger Templates
2 ways to customize blogger templates:
  1. Customizing templates by yourself (If you know how to customize).
  2. Hiring Blogger Theme Developer.

How to customize Blogger Themes/Templates:

Before customizing, you must know the basic (intermediate recommended) skill in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, Blogger Theme Development etc. 

How to customize Blogger Theme by an Expert:

If you don't have much coding skill, you must hire a Blogger Theme Developer. You can hire on Freelancing marketplace like Fiverr, Upwork etc.
You can also hire me on Fiverr to customize blogger template & the cost is affordable. 

Thursday, February 8, 2018

How to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

Do you want to make money online without paying anything? Then I say, it is not possible without paying anything.
For making money online you have to invest either money or effort. If you invest both, you will get success very soon. If you have no money to invest, then choose the second: effort. So why you need to be skilled in a specific profession or service you can offer through online, it may be freelancing marketplace, blog or website.

Make Money Online Without Paying Anything
Here are the effective 5 ways to make money online without paying money but effort:
  1. Freelancing at Marketplace:

    'Freelancing' is the most known terms in ONLINE who are seeking for the job here. If you have any specific skill to serve others, you can join any freelancing marketplace and will be paid for doing jobs. Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, PeoplePerHour are the most popular of them. You can serve anything with your skill. Fiverr is the best choice for the beginners. 
  2. Blogging at Blogger(Service):

    Blogging is the smartest way to make money as well as promoting yourself. If you don't have any budget, you can start blogging on Blogger (a blogging service by Google). Here, you don't need to purchase domain & hosting. Monetizing a blog is very simple. Putting ads, affiliate links, promoting other paid post etc are the effective way to monetize. Read to know 5 ways to make money from blogging.
  3. Publishing Video Content on Youtube:

    Nowadays, uploading video contents & publishing on Youtube has become trendy & the most effective way to be popular. Many of Youtube has become a celebrity overnight through it. If you think you can do anything before the camera, don't wait to promote yourself. You can also do the interesting video of anything which may be enjoyable or helpful for others. Not only that, you can easily earn $1000/Month from your videos by monetizing your Youtube channel.
  4. Selling photos/videos:

    Yes, you are listening to the truth. Now it is the great income source by selling photos, footage clips, illustrations, vectors are designed or created by you. If you are a photographer, video content creator, graphics designer this way can be effective & successful.  Alamy, iStockPhoto, SutterStock, Photoshelter etc may be the right choice to sell photos or video clips.
  5. Selling products on Facebook:

    Many entrepreneurs have been succeeded their startup online business on Facebook. You don't need website even any budget to boost your post if your facebook page has a lot of organic followers/likers. Just promote your facebook post of the specific product with more clearly and eye-catchy. 
So if you are serious to make money online without paying anything but efforts, you should start with one of the above.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Buy Domain for Blogger (Service) - Compulsory Features You Need

Starting the blogging on Blogger (Service) is the right decision if you have no much budget for hosting. But you can make your blog branded by setting up a custom domain and you have to buy a domain that supports all the compulsory features are required to Blogger.

Why am I telling about the compulsory features & what are they?

The compulsory features mean the full control panel of your purchased domain from the domain providers. Many of them don't allow the full control & you may be victimized if you purchase from local, non-popular domain & hosting providers.
Buy Domain for Blogger

The following features you should focus highly:
  • Customizing (Add, Delete, Edit) CNAME Records.
  • Customizing (Add, Delete, Edit) TXT Records.
  • Customizing (Add, Delete, Edit) NS Records.
  • Customizing (Add, Delete, Edit) A Records.
  • Customizing (Add, Delete, Edit) AAAA Records.
Those are mandatory because you need while setting up a custom domain for Blogger manually. 

The Best Domain Service Providers for Blogger (Service):

If you need more information or help to purchase the domain for Blogger, don't feel hesitate to share with me through comment or email.