Published: Wednesday, January 04, 2023, Updated: Saturday, January 07, 2023

Robot Pillow will Reduce Anxiety & Boost Meditation

Hug the pillow and it will match the breathing rhythm of the patient to the breathing machine on the pillow. Accordingly, this pillow will help improve the patient's mental state and reduce anxiety. Can you imagine?

Japanese boutique robotics firm has invented such a robot pillow. Boutique robotics firm Yukai Engineering presented the invention at the 2023 CES Tech Event.

Robot Pillow will Reduce Anxiety & Boost Meditation

Earlier, Yukai Engineering came up with the wonderful cat pillow roboto called Petit Qoobo. Which was like a tailed cushion. Tail wags in response to someone's touch. Even tails that react to sounds or voices.

However, this robot pillow will improve the patient's mental condition by using the 'respiratory entrainment' method. While the cat pillow robot named Petit Qoobo was limited to entertainment, the robot pillow is expected to play an important role in meditation in the medical system.

Yukai points out, "This product is based on University of Tokyo research. Much has been written about the role and relationship of breathing in improving one's mental state and reducing anxiety."

For example he mentions the connection of breathing with meditation. From that point of view, the robot pillow does the same thing when someone hugs it. Because this robot can match the rhythm with the patient's breathing.

Interestingly, this robot is very easy to operate. Power on and embrace. It has no application.

So far the pillow robot has not been marketed and hence the price has not been determined. However, the cat pillow robot called Petit Qoobo has a current market price of $106. It is expected that the market value of the pillow robot will also be around this.
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