Published: Saturday, January 07, 2023, Updated: Saturday, January 07, 2023

5 Amazing Technologies at Tech Event CES-2023

CES 2023 showcased some of the technology innovations that basically reflect the technology world to come. CES 2023 is packed with prototypes of innovations and developments in technology including artificial intelligence.

Exciting technologies such as functional flying cars, silent and high-speed electric boats, self-driving baby strollers are being unveiled and displayed here, which fascinates technology lovers.

1. First Functional Flying Car (Aska A5)

Aska A5 debuts as First Functional Flying Car. This four-passenger vehicle can be called an airplane with wheels or a flying car with wings. The wings of the car are foldable.

First Functional Flying Car (Aska A5)

Technically the Aska A5 is an eVTOL aircraft or electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft. This Flying Car capable of flying up to 250 miles is not available in the market right now. Its prototype was just unveiled at the CES event. But Next Future Mobility plans to release the car in 2026. And it requires a $5,000 deposit for pre-orders, which is refundable after one year.

2. Noiseless and High-speed Electric Travel to the Water (Candela C-8)

The Candela C-8 is essentially a prototype of its predecessor, the C-7. The new electric boat is capable of traveling at a speed of about 57.5 miles per hour. As its propulsion works underwater, it floats on the water like a magic carpet without making any sound.

Noiseless and High-speed Electric Travel to the Water (Candela C-8)

The boat runs about 50 miles on a 2-hour battery recharge. Candela C-8 has a total passenger capacity of 8 people. Although not yet marketed, the Swedish technology maker of the boat is keen to market it soon. It could be worth $390,000.

3. Samsung's Fold, Slide, Bend and Roll Capable Screens

At the CES 2023 event, Samsung appeared with a display capable of folding, sliding, bending and rolling. Samsung made the biggest splash at this year's CES with its Flex Hybrid tablet concept that folds up like a notebook computer and features a screen that fits between 10.5 and 12.4 inches.

Samsung's Fold, Slide, Bend and Roll Capable Screens

Samsung also showcased the Flex SO, a device that can be folded multiple times to switch between phone and tablet form. Although these are still prototypes, it is still uncertain whether they will be marketed in the future.

Samsung Galaxy A14 5G Announced with FHD+ and 50MP Camera. 

4. Self-driving Baby Stroller (Ella)

When the baby does not want to ride in the stroller anymore, or you find it difficult to carry, the smart stroller 'Ella' will make it easier with its intelligence. In such a situation it will start moving itself and remove your suffering. Not only that, but it also helps in pushing up hills or off-road as it has a dual-motor drive system. Even if it rolls down, controlling the speed will protect the child from accidents.

Self-driving Baby Stroller (Ella)

This smart stroller 'Ella' has a white noise feature for automatic rocking and lulling. It was invented by the Canadian company GlüxKind. Although the Ella is not yet on sale, the retail price is expected to be around $3,300.

Hug the pillow and it will match the breathing rhythm of the patient to the breathing machine on the pillow. Accordingly, this pillow will help improve the patient's mental state and reduce anxiety. Can you imagine?

Japanese boutique robotics firm has invented such a robot pillow. Boutique robotics firm Yukai Engineering presented the invention at the 2023 CES Tech Event.

5. Real Time Conversations Translation Glasses (TCL's Rayneo X2 AR)

TCL Company is announcing the first AR glasses at CES 2023 with features including dual speakers, built-in sensor gyroscope, accelerometer, compass and pressure sensor. The name of this new model of glasses is RayNeo X2.

Real Time Conversations Translation Glasses (TCL's Rayneo X2 AR)

The specs are powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 processor with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage.

Each lens also features a full-color micro-LED display, providing up to 1,000 nits of brightness. The specs also pack a camera, coming in at 16MP capable of recording 1080p videos and taking photos.

RayNeo X2 AR glasses frames are slightly larger than regular glasses frames. These glasses are capable of translating conversations in real time.

RayNeo X2 glasses may be commercially released in April-May.

Source: CES 

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