Published: Tuesday, January 03, 2023, Updated: Tuesday, January 03, 2023

Epic's Fortnite Returning to iOS & Reactions of Apple Users

After 3 years, the wildly popular online video game Fortnite is coming back to iOS. Recently, Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic, the dev company of the Fortnite game, teased the same in a tweet.

Epics Fortnite Returning to iOS

Note that the best-selling game Fortnite was removed from the Apple Play Store 3 years ago due to the addition of direct payments. Even after removal many are running the game with NVIDIAGFN but it runs at 8-12 fps at a resolution. Due to which the gaming experience was not very good. For them, the return of Fortnite is quite a happy news. From now on the game can be enjoyed in high resolution.

Epic CEO Tim Sweeney celebrated the new year in a tweet saying, "Next year on iOS!"

The game's return to the iOS platform has had mixed reactions from Apple users. A user tweeted that the game is already dead. Not less than 3 long years. He does not see much need. Another says he wants to play this game again on the iOS platform.

Many are again concerned about the safety of Apple products. One said, 

if Apple starts to allow sideloading, that will cause many many MANY more malware attacks and just an overall worse experience. People trust Apple and the App Store and I would hate to see that trust disappear if they go through with sideloading.

Now it remains to be seen when Fortnite is going to come to the iOS platform and what compromise agreement is reached between Apple and Epic.
Elliyas Ahmed
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