Published: Monday, September 26, 2022, Updated: Monday, October 17, 2022

Content is Worthy But No Organic Traffic? Here is the Solution!

Content is Worthy But No Organic Traffic

Getting millions of organic traffic to our website or blog is a pipe dream. But really it is not impossible if your content is worthy to your visitors and if you take the action to your content and website perfectly.

Many of us have started new blogs or websites. Constantly publishing worthy content. But at the end of the day we are not getting enough organic traffic from search engines. 

This leaves many of us frustrated and shy away from publishing content on blogs or websites. This is how our dreams are broken. 

It's normal to feel frustrated when we don't get regular traffic despite publishing good content. Moreover, visitors are the driving force of a blog or website. Be it through advertising or affiliate marketing, our website or blog will not be monetized without these visitors. But good news for you, today I will give you complete guidelines so that your blog or website will get regular organic traffic from search engines like Google, Bing etc.

First of all, you have to analyze a number of issues and make wise decisions. And accordingly you have to take action on your website or blog. If you can apply them beautifully and skillfully, you can expect success quickly. Here I am briefly discussing the topics step by step so that you can understand easily.

Content Optimization

I assume, your website articles or contents are authentic, important and useful for your targeted visitors. If not, you must updated the articles.

Many of us are influenced by various blogs or YouTubers and lean towards great articles or content. We believe that bigger articles mean better for search engines. But in reality it is not. Increasing the article with unnecessary information makes it irrelevant. Also, most visitors don't want to read long articles. This does not mean that large articles are not good. If necessary, the article can be enlarged as desired. The condition is that we do not artificially enlarge the article with unnecessary words. Useful and informative articles are not only loved by your visitors, but also by search engines.

Is word count a ranking factor?

When writing articles you should always target two things: your targeted visitors and search engines. You should write in such a way that visitors stick to your writing. The more interesting and readable it is, the more visitors will stay on your blog or website. And this helps in reducing the bounce rate of a website. Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page.

This factor is very important for SEO. If the bounce rate increases, the search engine will get a negative message about your website or blog and then the search engines will mark your content or article as less important. 

Now you can think, how to understand the search engine? It is very easy to do. Most visitors first go to search engines and search based on a topic or keyword. Then many search results come up. Think your content is also in that search result list. That visitor entered your website from that search result. Checked in and saw your content is not very good. He skipped your web page from the browser and went back to other results. This is basically how search engines understand. Moreover, it has become much easier now with the massive development of artificial intelligence.

That's why your first task is to focus on content optimization. When you are sure about this, you go to the next step.

Keyword analysis and proper application in articles

There are certain words that must be included in the topic that you are writing an article on and visitors will enter your website by typing those words into the search engine. These words are called keywords. 

Now if you don't use these keywords properly in your article, no matter how authentic and relevant your article is to your visitors, they won't read your article. Actually they will not visit your article. How to do? They did not find your article in the search engine search results! 

Keyword Optimization Tips

So the first condition is that your article should be in the search engine results. Therefore, it is important for you to understand which keywords visitors are using for your articles in search engines.

Now you might be thinking, how do you understand that? This is made easy by various search engine tools. Eg: Semrush, Ahrefs, Moz etc. 

I am personally using Semrush. Through these tools, you can easily understand which keywords should be included in your article, which keywords visitors are searching in search engines, which keywords are difficult to rank in search engines if you publish an article (It is called Keyword Difficulties), maximum number of keywords should be in an article (Keyword Density or Stuffing), etc.

Although these tools offer limited features in the free package, if you want to take your blogging or online career seriously, you should purchase any of the tools. Because, they provide detailed and comprehensive benefits in premium package. Consider it an investment in your business. And this investment will definitely give you good returns. Everyone who is a professional blogger or content publisher uses these tools. Tools like Semrush not only provide keyword analysis, but also provide a specific overview of your website's weaknesses, content weaknesses, etc. So you yourself will understand the weak points of your website and take steps accordingly to improve your website.

How to use SEMRUSH

There are tons of people online who are writing on the same topic and publishing it on their blogs or websites. You are also a competitor in that competition. So if you want to reach more visitors to your article, you need to understand the rest of your competitors first. You have to understand their articles. And these tools will make this work easier. Then you understand the importance of these SEO tools.

Join Semursh Program

When you are done applying the right keywords to your articles then you can move on to the next step.

Website or Blog Optimization (Technical)

Most of the bloggers or content creators ignore or do not give proper attention to this matter. However, Website Optimization plays an equal (and sometimes more) role as Content Optimization.

Before that, what do I mean by website optimization? This is a technical term, which depends on the various aspects of your website. One of them is performance. Performance is how long it takes for your website to fully load in a visitor's browser (It is called Page Speed). If it takes too long, it will be annoying for your visitors. Other such things are whether your website or blog is suitable for all devices (It is called Responsive Mode), whether the page is showing any errors during rendering, etc.

Importance of Website Optimization

As time passes, technology advances and our patience diminishes; On the contrary, our engagement is increasing. Hence, websites that take a long time to load or have browsing problems are considered negative by visitors and search engines.

However, these problems are mainly caused by the following factors and you must be aware and proactive about them.

Using substandard hosting or cloud storage

Many of us buy low-quality and cheap hosting or cloud storage due to lack of budget or lack of importance. The performance of these cheap storage is poor. Because of that, it directly and indirectly affects the page loading experience of the website. Sometimes the website may even go offline for a long period of time. In addition, the security of these storage is low. So the mentality of buying low quality hosting or cloud storage needs to change. A relatively good quality hosting or cloud as an investment will return you well at the end of the day.

Does Hosting impact on SEO

For my clients (p.s. I serve as a web and SEO expert) who are looking for hosting or cloud services, I often recommend the following providers. These service providers are relatively better and not too much in budget.

If so, you can't afford it, then you can use Google Blogger platform. It is good for blogging or basic website and completely free. 

Using faulty backdated website themes or templates

If you are using WordPress, you can find many free themes on the internet. First of all not all are safe and most are buggy and backdated versions. If the server scripting programming language is not compatible with the version of PHP, visitors can face many kinds of problems when running a website built with WordPress. For this, updated and clean code WordPress themes should be used.

If you have the budget to buy a new theme, you can buy and use different WordPress themes from the marketplace. Premium themes offer more benefits and features than free themes. 

It is best to get a custom theme of your choice designed by a professional theme developer for your website or blog. It should tell him that you need a clean theme with custom code, not a plugin or page builder dependent theme, which you can modify and add as needed in the future.

Because premium themes in the market usually have the following disadvantages –

  • These themes are created based on multiple purposes. Hence themes are relatively large in size and contain a lot of unnecessary code.

  • Third parties may have dependent resources, over which you have no independence.

  • The design or format of the website is fixed, which you cannot change at will.

  • Many people use the same theme in a certain type of design or format. As a result branding lacks originality.

Now the question is, where can you find such a developer to custom design as you like? Freelancing marketplaces like Fiver, Upwork have made your job easier. You will find many developers there. You can get the job done according to the budget with a person of your choice. 

And if you are a regular visitor of my website, you should know that I also provide these services. You can also discuss details with me if you need.

And if you don't have the budget, I would again tell you to use Google's Blogger platform instead of WordPress. It is completely free and by default Blogger has provided several free themes. You can use them if you want or you can design a custom theme like a WordPress theme. 

I forgot to mention, WordPress also offers some free themes. Those are pretty good too.

Not having a user interface of the website suitable for the targeted visitors

This matter should be given great importance while designing the website. It should be taken into consideration whether the design being done will appeal to your targeted visitors. That's why you either need to analyze it yourself or have your web expert do it. And the website design should be implemented accordingly.

Although it doesn't make much of an impact, you should still consider the preferences of your visitors. Because they are your source of income. When their preferences matter, they will also put your website or blog in their favorites list.

Not having a search engine recommended website interface

This is both technically and search engine related. This optimization is very important to present the website or blog completely clearly to the search engines. For example: If the content of your website is related to news, then Google should understand that the content of your website is news, not a blog or something else. 

For that there is a feature called schema markup that you need to enable on your website. There are several other such things which are mainly technical but you have to keep some knowledge and get the work done by experts.

If you apply all the above step by step, you will definitely get good traffic after a while which will make you smile. 

Beyond that, no matter how hard you try, you will not succeed. Presented in the light of my long experience. There is no shortcut to success, this path requires a lot of patience and hard work. And this hard work will make you successful.
Elliyas Ahmed
Elliyas Ahmed
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