Published: Saturday, May 30, 2020, Updated: Friday, September 16, 2022

Lockdown: Online Money Making Ideas for Jobless.

From the beginning of this year 2020, we are facing a big life threat COVID-19 or coronavirus, and this situation is getting worst day by day.😟

You know, It is affecting a lot of people around the world, People are losing their jobs and they do not have any alternative to earn money.
Half the world's workers face losing their jobs, says ILO

The loss in working hours due to the coronavirus pandemic means 1.6 billion workers may lose their livelihoods.

- Source: Aljazeera

Covid19 Effects on World Economy

The situation is also mentioned as a pandemic by the world health organization. Even though, it was expected to end this within 2-3 months – but, right now the situation is not very much clear that when this lockdown will be removed officially.

This COVID19 is actually affecting the whole world’s Economy in very drastic manner. Because, of this Lockdown condition, many small businesses are almost closed.

Online Money Making Ideas for Jobless.

Impact on Small Businesses

Transportation, Import-Export, Food, Online Market, Things of daily need and most of the business aspects of human life are almost stopped. Petrol rates are now touching bottom, and it was never imagined that this kind of situation can also happen in the world.

This pandemic has also impacted my career, and I almost lost my job. Because the company I was working for cannot afford to pay me anymore, and most of the small businesses can also not able to make money.

Because, the main model of their business is not that much flexible that it can adjust with the current changing situations.

Making Money in this Lockdown at home

Hey, Don't waste your time in Lockdown! It is high time to upgrade your skills into online base. Launch your blog or website today and here I will share some ideas - You will start making money. 

At the same time within the same situation, I have noticed many other startups that are growing with this opportunity and they are hiring new people for their business. This is all possible because of the power of the internet.

We have websites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Netflix are earning a lot more because of the reason that - people are locked down in their home. And, for the entertainment or keeping the mind busy - they are tilting towards these platforms more.

1. Start Online Career with a Website or Blog

It seems like making a website or a blog to start as your Side Hustle in this lockdown - is a wise decision. You can develop your skill in this lockdown, or share your skills with others. You can record videos, and also write articles on your blog/website to share all your knowledge. This is what I am also doing right now.

2. Blogging

In this era of digital technology - where the internet plays a main role - you can start blogging from your home and start making money through your blog as well. This can continue even after the pandemic/lockdown.

There are different kinds of blogs that you can write, as per your skill set. Blogging is also referred as writing your thoughts/skills on a paper, but the paper is digital now/webpage.

You can use any of the online services to create your blog - either Google's blogger platform or WordPress - and create your free blog today. Blog is a website in itself.

3. Sell Your E-Books

You can also sell eBooks or other digital products that you might have interest in, for example - if you are a music creator - you can create some of new music tunes/background music or rhythms for others to use it in their work. 

Later you can sell it on the official online platform. You can also write eBooks and sell them on your website / Blog as well. You can make standard platform for all other members of your website.

4. Audio-Books

If you want to do an online service - you can always look for creating an audio book for an existing eBook. Because people are more interested in listening to the audio-books instead of reading them. 

5. Online Courses

If you are more interested in computers, and programming stuff or you have some artistic background. Where you draw different kind of calligraphy, and other kinds of arts/music - you can always create a sample course online for that.

You can make your website / blog as one of the most interesting option for courses. And, also starting your affiliated marketing campaign through your blog. You can select some companies and do the marketing of their product on your blog. 

Writing some reviews about those products in articles, and they can pay you a small amount for that service – directly or indirectly.

From Editor’s Desk

You may have noticed that there are a lot of opportunities available out there. Even if you do not have a good background with any of the things that I have mentioned. Still, you can create a blog - which you can be created for free. 

Start either learning or sharing about your skills with other people. This will definitely grab the attention of the people who have similar interests as you.

Those people will definitely come to you, create a small kind of community – where you know that your content will have greater value. You can do affiliated marketing in that particular kind of niche.

If you have doubt, drop a comment below. We will try to help. Also, we love to read that how we are helping and improving other people’s Life by our work. Thank you so much fir your time. Peace!

Elliyas Ahmed
Elliyas Ahmed
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