Make More Money with Propeller Ads - Anti Ad Blocker Network

Hey guys, today I will show how to make money with Propeller Ads network which is Anti-Ad Blocker. That means it will generate money by showing ads on browser who uses Ad Blocker.

Use Anti Blocker JavaScript Code for Other Ads Network like AdSense to monetize 100% of your traffic.
Make More Money with Propeller Ads - Anti Ad Blocker Network

You know, Ad Blocker decreases earnings by showing ads on blog or website. It is greatly the cause of headache of the blogger who writes for money, who lives for blog revenue.

Propeller Ads is now growing up with popularity among the publishers. If you have enough traffic, earning from it would be better.

The reasons why you should try Propeller Ads on your blog as a publisher:
  • Instant Approval: You can approve your site by Propeller Ads in few seconds. Just sign up → Put Website or Blog URL → Email Verification → Verify with Meta Tags.
  • 100% Traffic Monetization: Since Propeller Ads works on Ad Blocker browser and show ads on multiple devices, you are ensured that 100% of your traffic will be monetized which will generate more revenues.
  • Relevant Content: It provides relevant content according to your blog or website. So the ads engagement will be growing up.
  • CPM: The CPM is high.  
  • Multiple Ad Formats: It allows display ads, pop, catfish, slider, video, interstitial, layers, site skins etc.
  • Payment Method: Multiple payment methods are included which allows Paypal, Payoneer, ePayments, Wire Transfer, Web Money Z to make payment your earnings.
  • Minimum Payout: The minimum Payout of Propeller Ads is $25 where maximum Ads network require $100.
  • Personal Assistant Support: After approving your request, you will get a personal Assistant support via email. If you have any problem, He/She will help you as soon as possible. I am very much impressed to see it.

How to Start making money with Propeller Ads:

  1. Join to Propeller Ads as a Publishers.
  2. Create Ads Unit from 'Add New Channel'.
  3. Choose Ad Type.
  4. Paste Code on Blog. 

Where is Anti Block Ads Code?

  1. Go to 'Sites' from Sidebar → choose 'Channels' from Tab → 'Get Code'.
  2. You will see Anti AdBlock(JS), Anti AdBlock(PHP), Standard.
  3. Choose  AdBlock(JS) if your site is non-PHP otherwise choose AdBlock(PHP).

How to increase revenues: 

  • Traffic: Drive more traffic and traffic from Western Countries like US, Canada, UK etc.
  • Ad Format: Select the recommended Ad Format by Propeller Ads like Pop Ads, Interstitial etc.

Propeller Ads is suite for any type of blog or website. If you run Google AdSense to monetize, you can also use Propeller Ads if you show Banner Type Ads. Other ads may irritate your audiences and decrease RPM of AdSense.


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  1. Hi...glad to be able to find ur only problem is I don't know how to approve my site in php...its quite easy in WordPress but I am stuck with pls help me email is (

    1. Don't worry Alvy Ahmed. It is easy to approve your website for PropellerAds as a publisher.

      1. Just visit PropellerAds website
      2. Sign Up as Publisher
      3. Go to Publisher Dashboard
      4. Click on Site -> Add Site and put your Website's URL.
      5. After approving your Website you will get your Ads code from Publisher Dashboard -> Sites -> -> Create Zone and you will get Ads code.
      6. Next put the Code on your website where you want to show Advertisement.

      If you have any problem, you can get help from their support or chat box.

      N.B. It may take several times to response, approve your site. Because their team is now on Vacation.

      Have your tried for your Website or Blog?