Published: Sunday, December 24, 2023, Updated: Sunday, December 24, 2023

Peerlist: A New Era in Professional Networking

In the vast landscape of professional networking, Peerlist emerges as a game-changer for tech enthusiasts. 

It goes beyond the traditional platforms, offering a community-led network that focuses on powerful work profiles. 

But what exactly is Peerlist and how does it stand out from the well-known giant, LinkedIn?


What is Peerlist?

Peerlist is a dynamic professional network designed by tech enthusiasts for tech enthusiasts. At its core, it provides users with the ability to craft comprehensive work profiles, akin to a digital resume or a complete portfolio. 

The distinguishing feature of Peerlist lies in its integration capabilities, allowing users to showcase their work from platforms like GitHub, Dribbble, Product Hunt, and many more.

The Power of Peerlist

1. Discover, Connect & Collaborate

Peerlist is not just another platform; it is a space where professionals can discover, connect, and collaborate based on their projects, mutual skills, and interests. It creates a bridge between like-minded individuals, fostering a community of collaboration.

2. Showcasing Proof of Work

Unlike conventional networks, Peerlist focuses on the essence of work. It is a place where professionals can showcase their proof of work, providing a tangible representation of their skills and expertise. This unique approach positions users to stand out and attract opportunities from the best companies.

3. Verification for Authenticity

Peerlist understands the importance of authenticity in the professional world. To address this, the platform employs a verification process. Work experiences are verified using an individual's work email, while educational credentials can be authenticated by uploading a student badge or using the institute's assigned email ID.

Why Peerlist?

1. A New Wave in Networking

LinkedIn, with its 875 million users across 200 countries, has become a household name. However, as it shifted its focus to content consumption, a gap emerged. Peerlist aims to fill this void, offering a dedicated space for professionals to connect based on expertise and qualifications.

2. One-Stop Destination for Professionals

Peerlist aims to be the one-stop destination for professionals. It allows users to compile work experiences, education, and connect with like-minded individuals. The integration of platforms such as GitHub, Dribbble, Substack, and Gumroad adds a layer of authenticity, creating a comprehensive profile.

3. Verification Plans for the Future

Acknowledging the scattered nature of work across different platforms, Peerlist plans to expand its verification feature. This includes verifying users' past work experiences and education over time, ensuring a high level of credibility.

Founders and Vision

Peerlist was founded in August 2021 by Akash Bhadange, a former product and UX designer, and his wife, Yogini Bende, an experienced front-end developer. Their vision is to provide a platform that truly understands and caters to the needs of tech professionals, fostering meaningful connections and collaborations.

In conclusion, Peerlist is not just a platform; it's a movement towards a more focused, authentic, and collaborative professional networking experience. Whether you are a developer, designer, or tech professional, Peerlist opens doors to a new era in tech networking. Join the community, showcase your work, and unlock a world of opportunities.

Elliyas Ahmed
Elliyas Ahmed
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