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How To Become A Product Tester & Get Paid (Step By Step Guide)

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Imagine being one of the first people to try out the newest stuff from famous brands. You get to use them and, on top of that, you get paid for sharing what you think about them. 

But guess what? You don't have to just imagine it. You can make it happen! πŸ’°πŸ’ΈπŸ€‘

How To Become A Product Tester & Get Paid

Getting paid for reviewing products isn't just something in your dreams. Many folks are already doing it, and it's a cool way to make extra money.

It doesn't matter if you're really into makeup, love gadgets, know a lot about household stuff, or just enjoy trying out new things. Companies are looking for your thoughts.

As a product reviewer, you'll be one of the lucky ones who get to try new stuff before everyone else does. And here's the best part – you get to keep the things you test!

In this article, I will show how you can get paid for testing products without spending your own money. You can get cash, gift cards, or even cool stuff just for sharing your opinions, and big brands want to hear from you.

So, if you're excited about the idea of trying out and reviewing things, keep reading to learn how to turn your hobby into a money-making side job!

Types of Products You Can Review as a Tester

As a product tester, you have the opportunity to review a wide range of products across various categories, including:

Product Categories Product Types
Beauty Products Makeup, skincare, and hair care items
Fitness Products Gym equipment and fitness apparel
Gaming Products Video games and apps
Baby Products Baby care essentials like diapers and toys
Household Products Cleaning products and kitchen utensils
Fashion Products Clothing and accessories
Technology Products Smartphones, smartwatches, and computers
Food Products Snacks, beverages, and food items
Pet Products Pet accessories and pet food
Health Products Supplements, medicine, and nutritional products
Electronics Televisions, cameras, headphones, speakers
Home Appliances Refrigerators, washing machines, vacuum cleaners
Automotive Products Car accessories, maintenance products
Sports Equipment Tennis rackets, golf clubs, bicycles
Outdoor Gear Tents, hiking boots, camping equipment
Books and Literature Novels, non-fiction books, children's books
Home Decor Furniture, lighting, decorative items
Toys and Games Board games, puzzles, action figures
Kitchen Appliances Coffee makers, blenders, toasters
Office Supplies Pens, notebooks, desk organizers

Top 20 Product Testing Companies That Pay To Review Their Products

01. UserTesting

UserTesting pays people to try out software, apps, and websites made by designers and developers. Testers can do one or two tests each week and get paid through PayPal about a week after they finish a test.

With UserTesting, you can give your thoughts on websites, apps, and products from big brands and small businesses in real-time. You can make extra cash by doing tests that match what you like.

For every test, you can earn $4 for a 5-minute test, $10 for a 20-minute test, and anywhere from $30 to $120 for live interviews.

02. Influenster

Influenster is a product testing company with over 6.5 million members. Members receive sample products in a VoxBox, along with special discounts and digital offers. 

Testers get to keep the products they test and are required to review them honestly.

03. McCormick & Company

McCormick & Company offers product testing opportunities related to food. Testers can participate in at-home or in-person testing sessions, typically receiving payment based on the duration and type of taste test. 

Testers can participate up to four times per year.

04. American Consumer Opinion

American Consumer Opinion pays individuals to take surveys, review new products and product ideas, and evaluate packaging designs. Members earn points for taking surveys, which can be redeemed for cash via PayPal, entered into sweepstakes, or donated to charity.

05. BetaTesting

BetaTesting allows individuals to become beta testers for websites, mobile apps, and hardware products. Testers receive invitations from clients to test products, with payments ranging from $15 to $30 for tests lasting around 45 to 60 minutes.

Payments are typically made via PayPal, gift cards, or free products.

06. Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research offers testing of new and improved products through online studies. Testers earn points for completing studies, which can be redeemed for prizes or cash rewards.

07. National Consumer Panel

Formerly known as Homescan, the National Consumer Panel pays members to share their opinions on shopping. Members can earn points by scanning barcodes, participating in surveys, and occasionally testing products. 

Points can be redeemed for goods or gift cards.

08. SheSpeaks

SheSpeaks primarily works with women who want to share their opinions and try out products before they hit the market. Members can review products they're using or receive free samples in exchange for honest reviews. 

The company offers giveaways with cash prizes, free samples, and gift cards.

09. BzzAgent

BzzAgent partners with brands like Lancome, L'Oreal, Armani Beauty, and Hormel for product testing.

Members sign up, share their interests, and receive product invites via email. Testers can keep the free samples they receive and provide full, candid reviews.

10. Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is a highly regarded market research panel where members can earn cash and gift cards by sharing their opinions on a wide range of topics, products, and services.

With over 10 years of experience, Opinion Outpost offers high-paying product testing opportunities, allowing you to test and review various products. By joining Opinion Outpost, you become part of a community of individuals who care about making a difference through their feedback.

Sign up and complete surveys to receive product testing invites tailored to your demographic.

11. Branded Surveys

Shape the Future of Products and Get Paid with PayPal and Gift Cards. As one of the leading market research communities, Branded Surveys rewards members for their opinions on current products and helps shape the products of the future.

With a solid reputation and over a decade in the industry, Branded Surveys offers a variety of surveys that cater to your interests.

By participating in their surveys, you can influence the development of new products. Branded Surveys provides convenient payment options, including PayPal, Branded Pay, and virtual gift cards.

12. Toluna Influencer Panel

Share Your Opinions and Get Rewarded by Top Brands like L'OREAL. Toluna Influencer Panel is a global community of consumers invited to share their opinions on various topics. By providing feedback, you help businesses make informed decisions about their products and services.

Toluna works with renowned brands such as L'OREAL, Amazon, Sony Music, Coca-Cola, and more. As a member, you can participate in product testing opportunities and receive generous compensation. 

Toluna Influencer Panel is open to individuals aged 16 and above in countries where Toluna operates.

13. I-Say by Ipsos Panel

I-Say by Ipsos Panel is a reputable online survey community where you can share your opinions and get rewarded for it. Ipsos, one of the world's leading market research companies, offers a wide range of surveys tailored to your interests.

The surveys are typically short and easy to complete. I-Say provides high-paying product testing opportunities, allowing you to earn over $100 and more. 

Payment options include cash, gift cards, and prepaid debit cards.

14. Daily Goodie Box

Get Free Products, Share Your Honest Opinions, and Earn Merchandise and Coupons.
Daily Goodie Box is a subscription service that sends you boxes filled with full-size products and samples from leading brands. In exchange, they ask for your honest opinions about the products you receive. Along with the products, you also receive valuable coupons.

By participating in surveys and other activities, you can earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards or more free boxes. 

Daily Goodie Box offers opportunities to test and keep a variety of different products.

15. Product Review Jobs

Work from Home Testing and Reviewing Products, Earn Up to $500 Weekly. Product Review Jobs provides an opportunity to work from home and earn money by testing and reviewing various products.

As a product tester, you can receive products directly to your doorstep and provide detailed feedback based on your experience.

The compensation can reach up to $500 per week, depending on the number and complexity of the products you review. This platform offers flexibility and allows you to participate in product testing according to your schedule.

16. Thrifty Pig Panel

Earn Monthly Rewards by Answering Surveys and Testing Products at Home.
Thrifty Pig Panel is a community where members can earn monthly rewards by participating in surveys and testing products from the comfort of their homes.

By sharing your opinions on various topics and providing feedback on products, you contribute to market research and help shape future consumer experiences. 

Thrifty Pig Panel values your time and effort, rewarding you with monthly incentives in the form of cash, gift cards, or other merchandise.

17. Survey Junkie

Share Your Thoughts, Earn Cash and Gift Cards as a Product Tester and Influencer.
Survey Junkie is a popular online survey platform that also offers opportunities for product testing and influencing.

By joining Survey Junkie, you can participate in surveys and express your thoughts on a wide range of topics. Additionally, you may receive invitations to test products and provide feedback.

As a product tester and influencer, you earn cash and gift cards as compensation for your valuable insights and opinions.

18. Swagbucks

Test Products, Watch Videos, and Earn Cash, PayPal, and Amazon Gift Cards.
Swagbucks is a diverse rewards platform that allows you to earn points (Swagbucks) by performing various online activities, including testing products, watching videos, taking surveys, and more.

By participating in product testing, you can try out new products and share your feedback. Swagbucks rewards you with Swagbucks, which can be redeemed for cash, PayPal deposits, or gift cards from popular retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Target.

19. TryProducts

Try and Review Products from Up-and-Coming Businesses, Earn Rewards in Merchandise.

TryProducts provides a platform for individuals to try and review products from up-and-coming businesses.

As a product tester, you can receive new products and samples in exchange for your honest and detailed feedback. By participating in product testing, you contribute to the growth of emerging brands and earn rewards in the form of merchandise.

TryProducts offers a unique opportunity to discover and influence the success of innovative products.

20. Product Report Card

Exclusive Panel for High-Paying Product Testing Opportunities, Get Cash and Gift Cards.

Product Report Card is an exclusive panel that offers high-paying product testing opportunities.

By becoming a member, you can participate in studies and trials for a wide range of products, including tech gadgets, beauty products, household items, and more. In addition to cash compensation, Product Report Card also provides gift cards as rewards for your participation.

Joining this panel gives you access to exciting product testing opportunities with generous rewards.

How to Become a Product Tester

1. Choose the Product You Want to Test

To maximize your chances of being selected, focus on a specific product category that aligns with your interests.

While it may be tempting to try out every product available, being more specific will increase your likelihood of being hired as a tester.

Companies prefer individuals whose demographics match their target audience.

For example, a beauty product company would prefer a young female reviewer over a male reviewer.

2. Register on Product Testing Sites

After determining the product categories that interest you, sign up for relevant product testing websites.

If you have a passion for makeup, consider registering on multiple makeup-testing sites.

Keep track of the sites you register for by creating a spreadsheet, and ensure that the companies you choose are reputable and align with your values and policies.

3. Complete the Screening Process

Upon registration, you may need to go through a screening process, which typically involves a questionnaire or a sample test.

This process helps companies narrow down their list of applicants to find testers that match their product's target audience.

For instance, a running shoe brand might send a survey to gauge your interest in exercise or running.

4. Read and Follow Instructions

Once you pass the screening phase, the company may send you instructions on how to review their product.

Take the time to carefully read and understand these instructions, as they often include essential details such as testing guidelines, review criteria, and submission deadlines.

If you have any questions or need clarification, don't hesitate to reach out to the company.

5. Test and Review the Product

Follow the provided instructions to properly test the product.

For example, if you're testing a household cleaner, make sure to use it according to the instructions. Take note of the product's performance and your personal impressions. These notes will come in handy when writing your review.

Depending on the company's requirements, you may need to write a detailed review or complete a survey.

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6: Submit Your Review

Once you have thoroughly tested the product and gathered all the necessary information, it's time to submit your review according to the company's instructions.

Make sure to meet the specified deadline and include all the required elements in your review, such as your observations, feedback, and any requested ratings or rankings.

Proofread your review to ensure clarity and coherence before submitting it.

7: Maintain Communication

After submitting your review, it's important to maintain open communication with the company.

Be responsive to any follow-up inquiries or requests for additional information. Promptly address any questions or concerns they may have regarding your review.

Building a professional and reliable relationship with the company can lead to more testing opportunities in the future.

8: Provide Feedback to Testing Platforms

If you are using product testing websites or platforms to find opportunities, consider providing feedback on your experience with the platform.

This can help improve the platform's services and benefit other testers as well. Share your suggestions, highlight positive aspects, and offer constructive criticism if needed.

Your input can contribute to enhancing the overall product testing ecosystem.

9: Seek Continuous Learning and Improvement

As you gain experience as a product tester, make an effort to continuously learn and improve your testing skills.

Stay updated with industry trends, new testing methodologies, and emerging product categories.

Seek out educational resources, attend webinars or workshops, and engage with the product testing community to expand your knowledge and refine your expertise.

10: Stay Persistent and Patient

Building a successful career as a product tester may take time and persistence. It's important to remember that not every application will be accepted, and not every product will be a perfect fit for you.

Stay patient and persistent in seeking out opportunities, refining your skills, and providing valuable feedback.

With time and dedication, you can establish yourself as a trusted and sought-after product tester.

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By following these steps, you can navigate the product testing journey more effectively and increase your chances of becoming a successful and influential product tester in your chosen field. 
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