Published: Monday, January 02, 2023, Updated: Friday, January 05, 2024

Feedburner Alternative for Blogger 2024 | FREE Email Subscription Widget

On April 13, 2021, Google announced that it would discontinue the FollowByEmail widget feature for the Blogger platform from July of that year. 

Through this widget website/blog owners using blogger platform could easily offer free email subscription facility to their visitors. Visitors could get updates of newly published blog posts in their email inbox through their email subscription.

FREE Email Subscription Widget for Blogger | Feedburner Alternative

But the FollowByEmail widget feature can't be used on Blogger platform due to the discontinuity of this service by Google. Meanwhile, many people are not moving to those marketing tools because other email marketing tools do not offer so many benefits for free. 

This time, became known as an alternative to Google Feedburner. This is by far the best option in the market. Because, it offers exactly that feature for free, which Google Feedburner does.

Today's tutorial will show you how to easily add Email Subscription Widget to your blogger website. I'll also show you how to easily export email leads from your old Google Feedburner and import them into the service for free, so you don't lose your old email subscribers 😉.

How to Export Email Subscribers from Google Feedburner

Exporting your old Email Subscriptions leads from Google Feedburner is easy by following 4 steps below.
  1. Log in to your Google Feedburner Account. 
  2. Click on 3 dots (...) from your selected Blogger Website.

    How to Export Email Subscribers from Google Feedburner

  3. Select Export Email Subscriptions

    Select Export Email Subscriptions

  4. Save the .CSV files to your Computer.

How to Create Account and Setup Widget to Blogger

After exporting Email leads we will create and setup our Follow.It account step-by-step.
  1. Go to sign up page.

  2. Put your account email and password.

  3. Verify your email through your mailbox. 

  4. Select 'Add Feed' under Publishing option. 

    Select 'Add Feed' under Publishing option.

  5. Then you will get a new page to put your Feed URL or your Website URL. And click on NEXT.

    new page to put your Feed URL or your Website URL

    For Blogger, you can just put your website URL. It will automatically find out the Feed URL. 

    If you don't see your feed URL,
    <your website URL>/feeds/posts/default
    is the URL of your Feed.

    If this feed doesn't work in just choose the next RSS Feed URL from the showing list. 

    RSS Feed URL of Blogger is like
    <your website URL>/feeds/posts/default?alt=rss
  6. After clicking 'NEXT' option you should see some generated recent posts list of your website or blog by your Feed and click on CONTINUE Button.

    click on CONTINUE Button

    If you don't see, check the URL of your Feed, it is working or not. And also check the feed settings from Blogger Dashboard ⟶ Settings ⟶ Site Feed ⟶ Allow Blog Feed ⟶ Choose 'Full' ⟶ Save.

  7. In the next page, you should see the option to customize your Email Subscription Form Widget. You can customize color, typography, background, text field, entry field etc to blend this form with your website. After completing tweaking click on CONTINUE

    Customize Email Subscribe Box

  8. Next Copy the code and go to your Blogger Dashboard ⟶ Layout ⟶ Add Gadget ⟶ HTML/JavaScript and Paste the copied Code ⟶ Save.

    Copy the code and paste to your website or blog

How to Import CSV Email Subscribers to

  1. Open CSV Files with your Computer Application and Copy all contacts.
  2. Go to "Publishing"  All feeds on the left menu, click on the icon for followers) and click on Import followers
  3. Paste the copied contacts to to box and click on Import Them.

By default, provides the following features with the FREE package:
  • Delivery via all channels
  • Feed filtering
  • Access to followers’ emails
  • Importing followers
  • Different languages
But if you need advanced features like below, you need to upgrade your package.
  • Access to statistics
  • Send RSS & manual messages
  • Define redirects (subscriber should be redirected after successful sign-up.)
  • Feed(s) listed in directory
  • Alerts
  • Tailoring of subject line
  • Google Analytics tracking etc.

No doubt, provides outstanding service as alternative of Google Feedburner in case of delivering posts through email to subscribers. If you face any problem to setup contact their support team.
Elliyas Ahmed
Elliyas Ahmed
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