How to add Instagram Feed Widget to Blogger

Adding Instagram Feed Widget to Blogger is now very easy!

If you know how to edit your Blogger XML File, then you can add it yourself, otherwise, I have the best solution - You can update it with HTML Widget. 

Instagram Feed Widget Blogger

3 Steps to add Instagram Feed Widget to Blogger

Note: Backup your Theme file before updating on it. 

  1. Go to SnapWidet.
  2. Create account and choose your preferred package. If you choose FREE, it has some limitations. Like, when your visitor click on images it redirects to SnapWidgets website. So I recommend to upgrade. 
  3. Customize your widget and Get the code of this.
  4. Copy this code.
  5. Go to Blogger DashboardThemeEdit HTML. Or you can choose any HTML/JAVASCRIPT Gadget
  6. Paste the copied code where you want to show the Instagram Feed Widget. 
  7. Save.
Mobile Responsive Instagram Feed Widget
Responsive Instagram Feed Widget 


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