Published: Sunday, January 13, 2019, Updated: Wednesday, April 05, 2023

5 Amazing Technologies Presently Exist BUT Not Well Known

A lot of amazing technologies has been created and invented by various people to help ease our living on this earth. In the world we live today, technology is the force that drives the world as a whole. The list of technology is so much that some are not even well known. In this article is a list of five amazing technologies that aren't well known and these 5 technologies can be very much useful in our everyday activity.

Amazing Technology

The Five Amazing Technologies

Universal Translators

This is a device that can easily and spontaneously translate different languages to one that can be easily understood by the user in a matter of minutes. Devices like Baidu’s pocket universal translator helps in spoken words/sentences from English to German and back again are typical examples of this form of technology that has been developed and is being used by few people who are lucky to come across these form of technology. Google has also created an in-ear translation earbud for translating between numerous languages, there are also application developed that helps in translating a baby’s cries into English.

If you are familiar with STAR TREK franchise, then you would have heard about the universal translator s which the writer created a means to battle the barrier of language which posed a great problem. It has been developed some years back and has being gaining ground ever since.

Virtual Reality Gaming and Screen-less Display

Virtual Reality Gaming

For a few people, they have experienced this forms of technology first hand while a fraction of the people in the world has heard about it but still don’t believe it’s real while some have not even heard of it. Most gaming fans know the Virtual Reality (VR) headset called the Oculus Rift which the Facebook franchise bought to turn it into more than just for gaming. Speaking of the screen-less display as its name implies displays objects without the use screen. With these technologies, as being in a game and making your action with your body and holograms, won’t be something you see in just sci-fi movies but a reality and a great addition to the entertainment industry. The Visual Reality and screen-less display would be a very ideal alternative for the gamepads/joysticks and the touch screen technology.

Cloud Storage

This is a computer data storage in which the digital data can be stored in the logical pools. They are storage providers which is responsible for keeping data available and accessible at any point in time over multiple access devices. Cisco has predicted that over one-third of all data will live in or pass through cloud storage by the year 2020. With the way the world is going, over a period of time, the physical storage could be faced out in a matter of years as the cloud storage has started gaining its grounds. Talk about iCloud on the iPhone or the google storage by Google among others. The idea of having all your pics documents and much more on one storage unite and readily available anywhere in the world through your mobile phone or computer is a very cool idea. Through platforms like IBM's Watson, the cloud can help us communicate through real-time language translation, help increase our knowledge and improve our health in various new ways.

Digital Payment (Card-to-Cloud Transition)

Digital Payment

In the world today where digital transactions and payments are gradually taking its place in the lives of people. The development stages have been one of the amazing parts of technological advancements from paper tendering to payments through credit cards then mobile transactions to internet banking and so on. Today’s world is moving towards that point where you get to make payments with whatever device you have available with you at that point. As payment trends continue to change and evolve, so does customer technology. Since technology always evolves and move forward that is the same way credit card would also become a thing of the past to the average user and this will let the card to cloud transition become the new way of payment.

As at that period in time, the question won’t be where is credit card accepted? but how is the payment accepted? Is it through a smart device or a digital account? A few applications have been created to support this innovation this application include mVisa, quickteller to mention a few. With the application, you can always pay for whatever you wish without taking your card/wallet out. Among the options include scanning a QR code through your phone.

The Medical Advancements

Medical Tech

With the technological advancements the world is getting lately, it wouldn’t be complete if it doesn’t get to the area of the health sector. There have been a lot of advancements in the areas innovations which would help in administering drugs and also help ease the intake of medicines. Some of the innovations include;

  1. Personalized Medicine: it is a diagnostic tool which helps tailor medicines for you by detecting and quantifying signs of any disorder that can leave you helpless in battling any form of disease. This technology is used to detect and help with different aliment such as cancer, autism, Parkinson's and Alzheimer’s. this would help women with breast cancer avoid chemo and also help people with endometriosis scale through surgery
  2. Implantable Drug-making Cells: this has made forgetting the to take your drugs a thing of the past. This technology is most appealing to the people who have to take their medicines regularly as the idea of having their own drug factory implanted in their body system will go down well with them. 

The use of the technology was limited because the users had to keep taking immune-suppressing drugs to prevent the body system from attacking the implant. This action negates the reason for the implant but with a more sophisticated technology, the implants doesn’t need the individual to take any drug to prevent the body from attacking the implant. It can be used for conditions such as cancer, tuberculosis and diabetes to mention a few.
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