Published: Tuesday, November 14, 2017, Updated: Friday, September 16, 2022

How to Speed Up Wifi Signal - Wifi Booster

Slow connection is always annoyed to all. If your connection of Wifi be slow you won't get much upload, download speed. You can speed up your Wifi signal by following some procedures.
These procedure will work for any devices you run even Android. But remember, using Wifi Booster for Android Apk is just time wasting and those apps are scam, very harmful.
So don't install them from anywhere.
How to Speed Up Wifi Signal - Wifi Booster

5 effective steps to boost your Wifi signal:

1. Using Wireless Repeater/Signal Booster: Wireless Repeater is built in internal LNA. For why the ability of receiving signal can be promoted highly. It works like antenna but it extends better wifi signal and for long distance. If you use Wireless repeater, the speed of Wifi connection will be increased dramatically.

To get better result, set Wireless repeater just above or near your Laptop.
The price is Wireless Repeater is about $16-$35. You can buy from Amazon, Walmart, AliExpress.

I recommend you to use Comfast 150M-750M Dual band Wireless home Wifi Repeater. Because it is best reviewed from AliExpress.

2. Reboot your router: Sometime router needs to reboot. If you see broadband connection is available but your connection is not available in your device, first you should to reboot your router with username and password. I have got it helpful.

3. Keep router far from Electronic and Network devices: Router transmission may be conflicted by others network like Bluetooth. Sometime it be interrupted by Electronic devices like TV, AC, Telephone, Speakers etc. Keep your router far from this device as possible.

4. Additional router: If you have much budget, it would be better to use another Router. More routers will increase more strong signal.

5. Change the router positions: Router position is an important cause to impact on Wifi connection. Change your router position. Don't set it so above. Set router in a place where has no obstructions and free from walls.

To speed up Wifi Signal you can also check your main router connection, Switch your Wifi Channel etc.
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