Published: Wednesday, November 01, 2017, Updated: Friday, September 16, 2022

Best Way to Find Copyright Free Images

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You can make your post more attractive, by finding copyright free images and using on your blog or website with or without modification. It is very easy if you follow this tutorial STEP-BY-STEP.

You can find copyright free images in two ways: Google Image Search manually and some websites that provide it.
How to Find Copyright Free Images For Blog or Websites

We will discuss both here.

Find copyright free images from Google search images

 How to find copyright free images from Google search images
  1. To find any images, visit Google Search Engine. and put the name of the photo you want. Hit Enter or click on 'Search'.
  2. Click on Images option to enable the result show of only images.
  3. Next, click on 'Tools' and choose 'Labeled for reuse with modification' if you want to use the image with modification or choose 'Labeled for reuse' if you want to use this image without modification. You will get this filter option from 'Usage rights'. 
  4. After filtering choose any image or all images from showing results to reuse on your blog or website.

List of Top 11 Websites that provide copyright free images:

1. Pixabay

Pixabay is my first choice to get royalty free photos and videos. It offers Photos, Vector Graphics, Illustrations, Videos free for commercial use under CCO Creative Commons License. You can search image or video from 1.1 Million collections of images and videos. About 26 Languages are available which makes searching easier. The quality of photos and videos are HD.

2. Pexels

Pexels is the best similar to Pixabay which is also licensed under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. That means you can use the pictures and videos from Pexels for commercial and legal use. You can also modify any photos. Attribution is not required but they will be grateful if you give it. HD photos and videos are available. It allows two Languages English and Deutsch to search and navigate.

3. Getty Image

Amazing an American Stock Photo Agency who serves right managed stock photos and videos beside royalty free. You should try it. The collection is just cool. You can search here by uploading the image. It will show the similar photos according to your uploading image.

To save your collection it has a board feature like Pinterest where you can save your collection.

4. Creative Commons

Free photo stock by Creative Commons may be helpful to find copyright free images for commercial using. You can filter by checking option under the search option. All photos are licensed under Creative Commons 4.0.

5. Free Photos

It is another free photos collections which offer Photo Editor to edit the photo and you can find your photo from their categories. If you need to buy photos you can use their Premium package. Photos quality is HD.

6. Every Pixel

An wonderful resources of free, premium photo stock. You can search here by uploading the image to find image reverse. Every Pixel offers Vector, Graphics alongside free photos. You can check the quality of your image by uploading on neural network.

7. Kaboom Pics

Kaboom Pics offer free photos for free to reuse with or without modification for commercial and personal use but you are not allowed to re-distribute.

8. Finda Photo

It allows HD photos which are licensed under CC 0 License.

9. LibreShot

Photo Stock by LibreShot is licensed under CC 0 1.0 License. So you are free to reuse with or without modification for commercial and personal use.

10. Stock Snap

It also offers free stock photo under Creative Commons CC0 license. So don't forget to try this.

11. Rawpixel

Another royalty free stock photos, you can try. It has the amazing collection. Even you can use images from here for commercial use but you can't resell, redistribute. They also provide premium photos.

I hope you will be helpful to this article and you will find copyright free images for your blog or website.

Have you tried to get copyright free stock videos?
Elliyas Ahmed
Elliyas Ahmed