I have received eBay products on my hand. I know it may very simple matter for you, but you know it is something to me.

Though I have already got a mail from Google AdSense for my PIN verification, receiving my favorite products is more excited.

I was looking for Arduino UNO R3 Mini USB Board and 16×2 Character LCD Display Module Controller in my country. But it is very expensive here and I have no much budget for those. So why I ordered from eBay and it satisfied me.

Products Received on My Hand from eBay

I had also ordered a Wireless USB 2.4GHz Optical Mice and Recording Tie Microphone with those. Because these two products were urgent to me.

I had chosen International Free Shipping so it has taken about 29 days to hand over me.

No label of eBay has on Packets. I have got products in the individual packet for the specific company. If you order more than one product from the different store, you may get it on the different date.

At a glance my online shopping details on eBay: 
Order Date: Oct 16, 2017
Shipping: International Free Shipping
Estimated delivery: Nov 02, 2017 – Dec 07, 2017
Received: Nov 15, 2017
I did not find any broken products.

My review for eBay is “Very Good”.

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