Google AdSense is the best and first choice if you want to monetize your blog or website by showing advertisement. You must qualify for Google AdSense. Because it is not so easy the approval of your application for getting a Google AdSense account; you and your blog or website must be qualified for this.

And in this post, we will discuss how to qualify for Google AdSense in 2018.

I have started blogging at the end of 2016. After few months, I had applied for Non-Hosted Google AdSense account. Because non-Hosted AdSense account has more features than Hosted AdSense account. See the differences between Hosted & Non-Hosted AdSense Account.

You will be happy to listen, my application for Non-Hosted Google AdSense account had been approved within 15 days. I was so excited to see the confirmation email.

I hope, you will also be qualified if you follow the instructions from here.

 Qualify for Google AdSense in 2018

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10 Steps to Qualify for Google AdSense:

  1. Your Age: You must be 18 years old.
  2. Web Properties Authorization: You must have an authorized website or blog.
  3. Website or Blog Active Duration: You need at least since 6 months active Blog or Website.
  4. Supported Content-Language: The content of your Blog or Website must contain supported languages for Google AdSense program.
  5. User & SEO friendly Website or Blog: An user & SEO friendly Web property is highly recommended. So you have to focus on Responsive, Page Speed, Outlook of Website or Blog.
  6. Unique Content: The most important tips to get Google AdSense account approval fast. The Google AdSense team emphasis on the unique content of a blog for which an application has been submitted. If they find some unique content (with 1500 – 2000+ words), they approve very fast.
  7. No Copyright Violation: Be alert! Plagiarism is strictly prohibited for approving Google AdSense and also for Search Engine Optimization. So don’t violate any copyright policy. Publish genuinely and interesting contents.
  8. Important Pages: Put important pages to proof your blog or website as trusted and stable. Some of the important pages are About, Contact, Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy etc. Put the legit Address, email details on About, Contact pages.
  9. Quality Content: Focus on quality of your contents. Quality is more important than quantity. Google AdSense approval team vastly focus on this. So keep up publishing quality contents regularly.
  10. Complies with AdSense Policies: Before applying Google AdSense, you should be concerned about the AdSense Program Policies. If you and your content comply with this, it has the biggest chance to be qualified.
Try to follow these instructions, then apply for Non-Hosted Google AdSense. And let me know, how much time it has taken to approve your application. Happy Blogging!

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