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Laptops are small but expensive utility kit that is so very much a part of our daily life. They are compact in size and can be easily moved from one place to another for business and personal purposes. It is these very features that enable theft of laptops quite easily. The financial loss of equipment on theft could be compounded further if the information on it were to fall into the hands of the wrong people. Thus it is very important to protect laptops from theft and this can be done by ensuring physical security and software security.

How to Protect Your Laptop From Thieves or Hackers

Physical security involves keeping your laptop in such a manner that the possibility of theft or damage to it is the minimum. For instance, a locking cable alone considerably reduces the chances of theft. If an alarm is also attached to your laptop it also minimizes the theft opportunities when you are away from it. Many people also ensure that they carry their laptop in a different backpack or briefcase so as to not to make it so obvious!

Laptops should always be kept from a place where they are visible while you are commuting at airports or train stations as a large number of them are stolen while people are on the move. Even while traveling in buses it is a good idea to keep it in your hand rather than at the “back” of the bus with the other luggage. Do always remember that it only takes a few seconds to whisk away a laptop by a thief and a careful physical check over the machine will save you the bother from losing your laptop, loss of your valuable data and even a possible business disaster.

It is also important to ensure access to your laptop by using security software. This security software would allow only authorized users to access information on the laptop.

The most common software security method is the usage of a password by every user at the time of logging on to a machine. The software should also enable preparing an audit report which would list all logins, successful and failed ones as well. All unsuccessful logins would have to be examined carefully particularly to their source and timing of attempted login. It will be also useful if there were a screen lock so as to lock the computer when not in use and to beep if someone were to try to fiddle with it.

To summarize laptops being expensive items are prone to theft because of their mobility and quick resale value due to extremely common usage by all sections of the society. It is important to protect your laptop from theft by physical security and software security methods as discussed above. However, the instances cited above are not exclusive but are only indicative of what needs to be done. Laptop security is in truth an ongoing process where the more educated and aware you are the fewer chances of your losing your laptop and it falling into wrong hands. If you find this post helpful, check out Cheap Computer Desks – Guide To Get The Perfect

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  • My daughter installed Firefox on my laptop and was then unble to access certain facebook applications. How useful is Firefox if the pc is already protected by AVG free version and Spybot? How many javascript settings would have to be changed and is it wise to have more than one anti-virus system running at the same time. I have been using AVG for some years and would be sorry to let it go. Thankyou.

  • Welcome!

    Due to installing Anti-Virus software, Firefox can be affected and so why, some application can't be run. And you should not use more than one Anti-Virus.

    I recommend you to use Chrome Browser. It is safe browser and you don't need to install any Extension, Plugin, Software to protect your Internet activities.

    Thank You.

  • It happened to me.I wish i had seen this article sooner.My computer was hacked and I had to reinstall windows.when i rebooted my system all of a sudden I needed a password to start.

  • Whats funny is, I used VirtualBox just to go crazy on downloading malware, and one of those were tech support viruses. I spent 5 hours on the phone with this guy wasting his life. I put sooo much malware on it, that the computer was basically inoperable xD I gave him a hard time with that. In a way tech support viruses are bad, but when I get them, I celebrate because I can ruin their lives ??

  • Do you have any recommendations for anti-virus software? In addition to the malware bytes, etc? Like Norton or McAfee?

  • My boss’ computer has a HUGE problem. Whenever we attempt to open explorer, my computer, or basically anything that was pre-installed we get the message “Explorer.exe has generated errors and will be closed by windows.” We have no idea and other forums are pretty stumped. Maybe it’s spyware, we don’t know. Any help would be appreciated!

  • ID theft is becoming more common nowadays.THANK YOU for helping us become smarter and safer from thieves or hackers

  • I had to read through to the end to make sure it was for real! Question though – if Prey can see who is working on your computer when it’s stolen, can they also see you working and have access to what you’re doing?

  • The laptop security from hackers depends on the program. If you use cracked software, your system soon can be hacked.

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