Want to Be a Guest Writer?

Good News ! Now we have made chance to write on us as a guest writer. So hurry up ! Before starting read through the following instructions.

Why you will write on us:

  • You are allowed to put your Adsense code once in the post to generate revenues.
  • We allow back link.
  • We support guest writer at most to write a niche article.
  • We focus writer name.
  • We want to help you to build your career as a content writer.
  • Newbies are most welcomed fast.You can share your article (noted with your name) with your friends, family members and others. :)

Terms and Conditions:

You are allow to write article on our site by following terms and condition to be a guest writer.

  • We don't pay to write post. 
  • Length of Post must be at least 500 words. 
  • Article topics must be 'Technology, Gadget, Computer, Blogging, Marketing' related
  • Article must be legit and in English. Plagiarism isn't allow. You can check plagiarism.
  • Your article must be unpublished.
  • You have to sent article document (type: doc, docx, odt) via email.
  • If you want to provide external link within content you can do this different way: hyper-link, link address below text in which you want to link.
  • If you eligible to provide image related to your article, better, and sent image via email (condition for image also similar to 1, 2, 3 that means legit, unpublished, related ) otherwise we will supply image for this content.
  • After submitted your article we will check this. If we find any odd or detect errors or willing to change any word/sentence you have to ensure before that we are permitted by you to do this.
  • Your article will be published in according to condition that:
  1. The writer of this article is 'your name' and placed after headline and before starting post content.
  2. You are not permitted to repost partial or full article anywhere without active source link.
If you agree with our all terms and conditions, you can write on us. But before contact with us to verify.


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