Learn Code

Learning Code is essential as learning English to communicate through world wide, learning computer to update with online tech world. Programming is now becoming popular and interesting among children to old. It is just fun and kiddish to passing time with better sanctification. To build up higher tech world for future learning code and programming is the mostly required condition to complete. So encouraging to learn code is being highly recommended by everyone.

So learn code, learn programming !

How start coding?

There are many programming language to code like C, C++, Python, Java, JavaScript, HTML, PHP, Perl, Ruby etc.

If you have interesting in Web Science about development, Data management you can start from HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, Python, Ruby etc.

Many resources are available in INTERENT to learn those. I think w3schools will help you better to learn easily.

If you have interesting in Computer Science about making and developing Software, Project etc. , you can start coding with C/C++, Python, Java, C#

You can start from C programming. Many tutorial and resources are available in INTERENT. Search in Google and you will get more than you imagine.