Hi everyone! This tutorial will help you with online passport Bangladesh Guideline. The government of Bangladesh has provided the easiest way to apply for Passport, Renew Passport, Check Passport Status through Online.
Passport in Bangladesh offers MRP application form fill up online and this tutorial will help you.

Online Passport in Bangladesh Guideline - Form, Fees, Check & Renew

Application for Online Passport Bangladesh

Procedure to Apply for Passport in Bangladesh:

  1. Pay Passport Fees
  2. Form Fill up
  3. Attachment
  4. Submit

1. Pay Passport Fees: Before applying you have to submit Passport fees according to the type of passport. You have to pay 6,900 BDT for the emergency passport. 3,450 BDT for the regular passport. You can pay through offline and online.
Online Payment: Trust Bank, One Bank, Sonali Bank, Bank Asia, Premiere Bank, Dhaka Bank.
Offline Payment: Sonali Bank.
2. Form Fill up: You can fill your application form for Passport in two ways. Offline and Online.

Offline Form Fill up: You have to do the following steps.

  • Download Offline Form. If you are applying for new Passport just go to Passport Website → Download Form DIP Form 1: Primary/Initial Application for MRP and Download the PDF. And if you are applying for Reissue/Correction/Alternation then choose the second option DIP Form 2: Reissue/Correction/Alternation for MRP and Download the PDF.
  • Print the PDF and fill up by hand. If you need any help to fill up you can get officially help from Passport Website in Bangladesh. They have put a manual in PDF. Download and read the instructions from official → MRP Related Instructions → Online Application Guide to fill up form in right way. Because you will get here Bangladesh Passport form fill up sample.
Online Form Fill up: If you want to fill up the application form online for passport, you have to follow the steps.
  • Go to Passport in Bangladesh Official Website. You will see a page with guidelines. At the end of guideline you will a check/unchecked and ‘Continue to Online Enrollment’ options.
  • Check the terms and conditions and click on ‘Continue to Online Enrollment’.
  • Fill up the form with your legit information. You have to complete the all information where it is required and you will face several stage to fill up. If you need any help to fill up you can get it from official → MRP Related Instructions → Online Application Guide. You will get an instruction file in PDF. Download and insert the information according to it.
  • After completing application online you will get Application ID, Password  through your email and save those.

3. Attachment: 
A. Attachment for Primary/Initial Application

Attachment for Primary/Initial Application

B. Attachment for Reissue/Correction/Alternation Application

Attachment for Reissue/Correction/Alternation Application

4. Submit: To submit finally, you have to go to the nearest Passport Office with filled up application form (print version), attachment.

Bangladesh Passport Online Check

It is available to check Passport Status online. To check follow the steps.

  1. Go to Check option from Bangladesh Passport Website. You will see a form like this.
    Bangladesh passport online check
  2. Input Enrollment ID, Date of Birth and Captcha Code.
  3. Next Search.

Passport Correction/Reissue/Information Alternation Form Download

You can easily download the form of Passport Correction/Reissue/Information Alternation from the official website.  It is just a PDF file. It looks like the below:

Passport Correction/Reissue/Information Alternation Form Download

Download and print to fill-up. Don’t download this photo. It is justa partial screenshot.

Qualification and Attachment:

qualification to apply for reissue passport in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Passport Renewal Fees

Renewal fees are 3,450 BDT for General and 6,900 BDT for Emergency.
N.B. You have to pay additional 345 BDT if your passport be expired.
Online Payment: Trust Bank, One Bank, Sonali Bank, Bank Asia, Premiere Bank, Dhaka Bank.
Offline Payment: Sonali Bank
If you need any help contact with your nearest Passport Office.

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