I applied for Google Adsense approval for my this Blogger website (not hosted account) with only 80-100 daily pageviews in 5th June, 2017. After 15 days, at 20th June my application for Google Adsense has been approved and I have activated my Ads units to this Blogger site.

OMG ! My Application for Google Adsense Approved  [in 15 Days]

You already know I am not good in English as much you. Yet blogging is my passion & love. Because I love to learn, think and write. I try to write in English best and I believe, I will do better one day. You can help me.

My application for Google Adsense:

My application for Google Adsense

I received an Email from Google Adsense:

Google Adsense Approval Proof
Google Adsense Approval Proof

Whatever, Google Adsense approval has inspired me. Thank you Google Adsense to approve my application. I have much plans on COMPROMATH.

Some questions you may ask:

Question: Was it your first application to Google Adsense.
Ans: No. I had another account for Youtube Channel and it was hosted account. I deleted those account before application to Google Adsense.

Question: How many post in your blog?
Ans: 80+

Question: What is your domain age?
Ans: 1 year +.

Question: Do you applied for other ads before Google Adsense?
Ans: Yes. I applied for Infolink and that was approved in 1 days. But I removed its ads code from my Blog before application to Google Adsense.

Question: Do you customize any your Blog within application and approval of Google Adsense?
Ans: Yes. But it was little.

Question: Do you help me for approval Google Adsense?
Ans: Why not ! If you need any help, don’t feel hesitate to put your comment below or contact with me.
Shortly, I will publish full & comprehensive conceptive tutorial about:

  • How to get Google Adsense approval
  • How to activate Ads Unit for website
  • How to activate Adsense Layout in Blogger
  • How to put ads in different loaction
  • How to put ads in posts
  • How to customize Google Adsense
  • How to increase Google Adsense revenue

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