If you want to migrate Blogger to WordPress without losing ranking and traffic from Search Engine, this tutorial will help you STEP-BY-STEP.

Remember, read the whole post carefully and then apply. Otherwise, you may fall some troubles.


Procedures to migrate Blogger to WordPress

Migrate Blogger to WordPress

My experiences in migrating to WordPress:

You may know, I am a big fan of Blogger but having some limitations, I have migrated to WordPress. I had a doubt about losing ranking and traffics from Search Engines. I know, whatever plugins you use to fix the Permalinks (Posts and Pages), it can’t guarantee to fix 100%. I have found, it is better to edit Permalinks manually. Don’t scared about losing traffic, what I had. I have noticed, it may take 7 days to restore the ranking and traffic. Because Google emphasis on ‘Content’  not ‘Permalink’.

Setting and Redirecting older to newer permalinks is the major problem and challenge for migrating Blogger to WordPress, rest of them like Text, Images/Videos, Category, Date, Author etc. are very easy to fix.

Top 5 Reasons to leave Blogger & switch to WordPress:

  1. Non-Hosted Blog: You know, you have full control on the Non-Hosted platform like WordPress. You can easily transfer/modify/delete files, images, text etc. But this feature is not available in Blogger.
  2. Dashboard & Text Editor: In Blogger, I always missed a powerful and the best UI Dashboard & Text Editor. I have got it on WordPress.
  3. Plugins: Plugins are known as Gadget in Blogger. Those gadgets are not stronger and powerful like the plugins of WordPress. Plugins have made my life more comfortable.
  4. Permalinks: It is very challenging to edit the permalinks of Blogger Post/Page after publishing once. Sometimes it may need but you will be disappointed if you don’t find this features.
  5. Freedom: This is the final satisfaction of a blogger. Blogging is a passion for me, so I need freedom here and WordPress provides me.

Choose the best, affordable & quality Hosting Plan:

If you made the final decision to switch Blogger to WordPress, you must purchase a Hosting plan for your WordPress blog or website. And in this point of decision, most of the people choose the wrong way.

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Why I am talking about this – Before selecting Hosting Provider & Package, you must the followings:

  • Standard & Trusted Hosting Provider: Obviously, I don’t recommend to choose the local (Without US, UK) Hosting Providers. Try to purchase Hosting from Brand & Popular Domain & Hosting Services: BlueHost, HostGator, NameCheap.
  • Storage: At least 5 GB for a blog. Bluehost offers 50 GB Disk space for WordPress Hosting Package.
  • Price on Budget: Minimum Budget 24.88 USD / Year on NameCheap Shared Hosting (If you have the low budget). Quality Hosting for Blogging 65.40 USD/ Year on BlueHost.
  • MySQL & phpMyAdmin: Sometime it needs to create new MySQL & phpMyAdmin account. If you have available 2/3 MySQL Database, it will be crucial. So focus on the maximum number of MySQL & phpMyAdmin database. Bluehost offers 20 MySQL Database for WordPress Hosting Package.

10 Steps to migrate Blogger to WordPress smoothly:

Before removing the custom domain from Blogger, you must do the followings. After completing the final task will remove the custom domain from Blogger. For why it will not affect the ranking and visitors.

  1. Export Blogger Post, Image, Comments: To export the posts with images, categories, comments go to Blogger Dashboard -> Settings -> Other -> Backup Content. You will get an XML file and save it.

    Export Blogger Post, Image, Comments

    The screenshot to export the Post, Image, Comments from Blogger

  2. Purchase Domain Hosting for WordPress: If you have already purchased Top Level Domain for your Blogger blog, choose the ‘I have a domain name‘ option while purchasing Domain. Else, you can choose ‘New Domain‘ and it is FREE for purchasing a domain. You will get the following option in Bluehost.Domain option in BlueHost
  3. Launch WordPress Blog: You will get a temporary domain if you don’t purchase the new domain. Install WordPress by 1 click. You will get this option after purchasing complete. Install WP Theme. It may take maximum 24 hours to remove the temporary domain. But it will not remove until you connect your domain to BlueHost. To connect your domain which is registered to another provider, you have to change the DNS. I will let you know later this step.
  4. Import Post, Images, Comments, Label as Category: It is very easy to import the exported the Post, Images, Comments, Label as Category from Blogger. To import Go to WP Dashboard -> Tools -> Import . You will get the following option and you have to install the marked plugin.import in WordPressAfter install ‘Activate Plugin & Run Importer‘. Next, upload your exported or backup XML file from Blogger and publish.import blogger xml file to wordpress
  5. Permalinks: After importing and publishing posts in WordPress, the permalinks will be changed automatically. If you want to put the permalinks look similar to Blogger, you have to configure it from WP Dashboard -> Settings -> Permalinks and check the ‘Custom Structure‘ -> Put the /%year%/%monthnum%/%postname%.html in blank -> Save changes.Edit Permalinks in WordPressI recommend you to check the previous Structured means ‘Post Name‘ if you don’t want to show the previous permalinks.
  6. Connect Domain to WordPress: Meanwhile, we have worked on a temporary domain provided by default hosting package. But now we have to connect the domain to WordPress. So you have to change the older NameServer to updated NameServer. Updated NameServer means where your WordPress Blog will be hosted. Suppose if we purchase Hosting from BlueHost and we have a registered domain in Google Domain then we have to change (in Google Domain) the default NameServer to custom NameServer and update with the following nameservers. The NameServer of Bluehost: ns1.bluehost.com
    ns2.bluehost.com  You will get two NameServer of your WordPress Hosting from here (for BlueHost User).
  7. Remove Domain from Blogger: After completing the previous step successfully, you are ready to remove the Custom Domain from Blogger. Go to Blogger Dashboard -> Settings -> Basic -> Click on cross (X).remove custom domain from bloggerIt may take 24 hours to update the connected domain.
  8. Make Blogger Blog Private: To protect copyright violation and Google Rank mess up, make your Blogger blog Private. To make Blogger blog private, Go to Blogger Dashboard -> Settings -> Basic and Scroll Down -> Blog Readers -> Private and Save Changes.Make Blogger Blog Private

And that’s it.

N.B. If you purchase Hosting from my referral link, I will fully help you to migrate Blogger to WordPress, even connecting updated Server.

Create Pages in WordPress Blog:

Due to switching to WordPress, some pages may not be created. So you have to create them and publish.

Redirect 301 & 404 URL With Plugin:

After migrating to WordPress, due to changing the Permalinks of Post you may see some Crawl errors in your Google Webmaster Report. So you need to fix this. If you have much time on your hand, you should update the internal links of posts.

And the mandatory is – redirecting the older URLs of Blogger Post/Page/Feed to the latest and updated. The Redirection Plugin will help you to make this task easier.


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