If you want to earn money by sharing the link, then AdFly is the best for targeted reasons. Today I will tell you the full comprehensive to make money with AdFly STEP-BY-STEP.

How AdFly works: If anybody click on a shortened URL which is shorted by you through AdFly, it will redirect the visitors into their ads temporarily. After visiting the ads, the will redirect to the original URL. And for that you will get paid per click. It may be $8 per 1000 clicks and the amount of income depends on various terms. We will discuss this on this article.

Why AdFly?

  • Trustful & Payment Proof: It is the most trusted and oldest website that pays for shortening URL. If you search on Google, Youtube, you will see a thousand results of payment proof.
  • Alexa Rank: The Alexa rank will determine the site is how much popular and trusted through worldwide. Alexa Rank of Adf.ly is 138.
  • Income Rates: The income rate of AdFly is reliable. If you can use AdFly properly, you will get $(100-300) per month or more.
  • Android apps: It offers Android Apps to short URL, see the dashboard: Balance, Statistics, Payment. That means you can earn money from AdFly without Computer.
  • Various payment method: You can get your payment through Paypal, Payoneer, Payza.
  • Active on Social Site: The AdFly team always active on Facebook, Twitter. They announce the date of payment, they give the solution to any problem of their user.
  • Active Forum: You can join with another user of AdFly through the forum of AdFly and you can discuss with them about any problem, suggestion.
  • Support & Contact: If you need more help, then you can get it from their support and contact page.

7 Steps to earn money from AdFly:

  1. Sign up through a referral link.
  2. Create a successful account.
  3. Shrink/Short URL.
  4. Share the shorted URL through Website/Blog, Social Site, Comment and anywhere you can share but don’t Spam.

So why are you late? Go to AdFly website through my referral link and create your account in a right way.

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Show me your first earnings and payment you got.

Increase AdFly Earning Tricks:

I mentioned before the income from AdFly depends on various terms. If you have started earning, you will see the earning results from United State is always differ from the earnings from India. If you target the visitors from India, your earnings will be little. But it will be dramatically opposite, if you target your visitors from Switzerland, Kuwait, United States.

Warning: Don’t put any shorten URL from AdFly on this site, where you run AdSense ads. Putting AdFly URL may ban your AdSense.

The best tricks to increase AdFly earnings are:

  • Choose Interstitial Advertisement as Advertising Type from Tools -> View less option and Random Domain as Domain value when you do short URL to share. You will see also the payout rates of Interstitial is always higher than other advertisement types (Banner, Pop Ads).
  • Target the highest CPM country (Example: United States, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Kuwait etc. ). Because the payout rates of this region is too much bigger than lower CPM country.
  • Create Facebook Groups, Pages, a Twitter account with huge followers, likers and share your shorten URL of Viral news, technology. It may be of Youtube Video, News Site etc.

I have another two tricks to boost your income and I will tell those if you be interested to get. Are you interest to listen?

At a glance: AdFly: Introduction→How to earn→Increase earning tricks

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