If you are looking the HostGator WordPress Cloud Hosting Promo Code for 2018, this article will help you to get this.

Selecting the best Web Hosting package according to your budget for your WordPress is one of the most important to start your business in the right way.

Do you know many people (you can’t imagine) have a plan to start their blogging journey with WordPress? They have been already started to be succeeded in 2018. So why are you waiting?
Probably, you are familiar with HostGator which is founded by Brent Oxley. It is one of the largest and competitive Web Hosting Service Company. Its headquarters is located in Houston, Texas, United State.

HostGator WordPress Cloud Hosting Promo Code

I have an Affiliate Marketing WordPress blog site and had chosen local Web Hosting. But I was not satisfied so I was looking for best WordPress Hosting according to my budget to migrate my blog. Finally, I got HostGator WordPress Cloud Hosting Package and still now, I am satisfied.

Before purchasing you must focus on the features of the web hosting packages, otherwise, you will not get according to your budget.

What should you to emphasis on choosing the best Hosting for WordPress:

  • Maximum Allowed Domain
  • Disk/Storage Space
  • Monthly Average Site Traffic/Bandwidth
  • Powerful CPANEL
  • Migration
  • Site Backup & Restore
  • Website Security
  • Custom Support
  • Price

Now check this features on HostGator WordPress Cloud Hosting Package.

Features Available
Maximum Allowed Domain 1/2/3 *
Disk/Storage Space Unmetered
Monthly Average Site Traffic 100K/200K/500K *
Powerful CPANEL Yes
Migration Included free with purchase
Site Backup & Restore Included free with purchase
Website Security Included free with purchase
Custom Support Available by phone 24/7/365
Monthly Price $5.95/$7.95/$9.95 *

* According to packages.
Exclusive Offer: Unlimited custom email and email hosting are free for any package.

HostGator WordPress Cloud Hosting Package Comparison


If you have a plan to start blogging with WordPress at 2018, it is just awesome and you are doing the right.

When you will apply for purchasing any package, you will see a coupon code box like below. You have to just put the promo code and check the ‘Validate‘ button.

hostgator coupon code



Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why doesn’t the promotional code work?

Answer: Probably, you have visited package’s link through our/any promotional link. So why, you have already got your promotional offer. Or, the HostGator has been stopped their promotion for this package.

2. Why does the monthly price increase for choosing 24/12/6/3/1 months?

Answer: HostGator offers according to billing cycle. If you purchase Hosting for 36 months, you will get 40.20% off. Similarly, it will be reduced up to 20.00% off for 1 month. So I recommend you to choose for 36 months and it is profitable.

Please, let me know, have you got any promotion through our coupon code while purchasing WordPress Cloud Hosting from Hostgator? What is your feedback? Don’t forget to share with us through comment.

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