Let’s make a decision on how to Choose the Best & Affordable Hosting.

Do you have a plan to launch your Website to promote yourself or your business online? But your budget is limited and you want to purchase the best & affordable Hosting plan. Whatever, I am Elliyas with you.

Let me introduce first, I am Elliyas Ahmed. Blogging is my hobby but professionally, I am a WordPress, Blogger Developer, SEO Expert & Hosting-Domain Consultant.

How to Choose the Best & Affordable Hosting

In Fiverr, I have worked with many clients & let them introduce the most affordable & best Hosting provider. They have purchased those package and they are happy now.

I am engaged in many Affiliate Hosting Program. But I suggest the best of them.

Choose the Best & Affordable Hosting.

Before purchasing the Hosting from Provider, Focus on the following 8 Keynotes:

  1. Brand & Popularity: Brand focuses the quality & popularity of services by a company. How will determine the Brand & Popularity of a Hosting & Domain Provider? It is easy to find those on the Internet. Search the Keyterm or the name of Company and check whether it is listed in Wikipedia, How the keyword is being searched by visitors, How the keyword is popular in Google, Bing Search Engine.
  2. Hosting Quality & Review: Similarly, search on Google ‘Review of <Company>’. Check the positive & negative reviews by various Bloggers, Customers.
  3. Hosting Price: It depends on your budget.
  4. Renewal, Upgrade or Transfer Procedures: The most important. You need to renew,  you may need to upgrade the package like Shared Hosting to Cloud Hosting etc. Even, you can leave the current Hosting provider to the new one. So you must check these facts whether the selected Company Provides or not.
  5. Multi Services Availablity: I am talking about Domain Registration & Transfer, SSL, Site Builder, Custom Email, WordPress etc Services, and Tools. Select the Hosting provider who provides the all necessary services and tools. It will help you or your Developer to work on your Website easily.
  6. Hidden Fees: The popular & trusted Hosting providers don’t have any hidden fees. But it is better to know before purchasing their services.
  7. Storage: Disk spaces in Hosting depends on the type of your Website. Example: For the small business, 10 GB is enough.
  8. Other Features: Focus on other features like how many websites can be installed, the number of Emails, Bandwidth, the maximum number of FTP, SQL, phpMyAdmin accounts etc.

Which Hosting Provider, I Recommend as a Developer

The very crucial expectation from me. 🙂 Because I don’t know your Budget. So make a decision from the above KEYNOTES.

Hosting Providers Brand & Popularity Hosting Quality & Review Hosting Price (Start From) Renewal, Upgrade or Transfer Procedures Multi Services Availablity Hidden Fees See Details
BlueHost Yes 9/10 $2.95/Month Available Available No Check It
HostGator Yes 8/10 $3.95/Month Available Available No Check It
NameCheap Yes 9/10 $2.88/Month Available Available No Check It
  • If you purchase from HostGator, use COMPROMATH as a Promo/Coupon Code, You and me, both will get commision.
  • You will get Free SSL, Domain while purchasing from BlueHost, and HostGator.

If you need any help, don’t feel hesitate to leave a comment below. I will assist you.

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