Are you looking for custom domain instructions for Blogger? Learn how and what you should consider buying Domain for Blogger. But you have to take the right decision from the followings before purchasing.

Starting the blogging on Blogger (Service) is the right decision if you have no much budget for hosting. But you can make your blog brand through setting up a custom domain and you have to buy a domain that supports all the compulsory features are required to Blogger.

Why am I telling about the compulsory features & what are they?

The compulsory features mean the full control panel of your purchased domain from the domain providers. Many of them don’t allow the full control & you may be victimized if you purchase from local, non-popular domain & hosting providers.

Buy Domain for Blogger

The following features you should focus highly:

  • Customizing (Add, Delete, Edit) CNAME Records.
  • Customizing (Add, Delete, Edit) TXT Records.
  • Customizing (Add, Delete, Edit) NS Records.
  • Customizing (Add, Delete, Edit) A Records.
  • Customizing (Add, Delete, Edit) AAAA Records.
Those are mandatory because you need while setting up a custom domain for Blogger manually.

The Best Domain Service Providers for Blogger (Service):

If you need more information or help to purchase the domain for Blogger, don’t feel hesitate to share with me through comment or email.

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