Published: Monday, May 15, 2023, Updated: Tuesday, September 12, 2023

How to Get Paid Writing Reviews [15 Legitimate Platforms]

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If you are passionate about sharing your opinions and experiences on products with others, you have a good news!

Did you know that you can actually get paid for writing reviews? 

Get Paid Writing Reviews

Here, we will show 15 reputable platforms that offer opportunities to earn cash and rewards by reviewing products, software, music, and more.

Whether you're a tech enthusiast, a music or fashion lover, or simply enjoy expressing your thoughts, these platforms can turn your passion into profit.

Here are 15 Legitimate Platforms to Earn Money Writing Reviews

1. Get Reviewed

Get Reviewed is a popular platform that allows you to earn cash for sponsored reviews and blog posts.

By focusing on a specific niche and attracting backlinks, you can boost your site's authority.

Submit your blog for consideration and display it on the marketplace, where advertisers can order product reviews from you.

Negotiate the review price, write the review, and get paid within 14 days.

Don't have a personal blog? Make your first product review blog from here.

2. American Consumer Opinion

Join over 7 million members on American Consumer Opinion, a survey-taking site that rewards you for sharing your opinions with companies.

Earn points for each completed review and redeem them for PayPal cash or gift cards.

With rewards worth over $30 million, your voice can make a difference while earning you valuable rewards.

3. Capterra

If you have expertise in software, Capterra offers an opportunity to get paid around $10 for each accepted review.

Before writing the review, you'll use the product and verify your identity using LinkedIn.

Providing product screenshots can ensure higher pay, and Capterra closely vets reviews for quality.

4. SoftwareJudge

SoftwareJudge is the perfect platform if you have strong opinions about computer software.

Earn up to $50 for honest and comprehensive reviews, with the opportunity to provide up to three reviews daily.

As a bonus, regular reviewers receive free game downloads and product keys.
 Payments are made through Western Union, with a minimum cash-out amount of $200.

5. CrowdTap

CrowdTap allows you to review products on your phone through daily missions and earn rewards such as product samples, gift cards, or merchandise from specific brands.

By completing daily polls, surveys, and sharing reviews on social media, you can earn additional points.

Sharing your reviews on your blog can also lead to extra rewards.

6. ListVerse

If you're a creative writer, ListVerse offers a unique opportunity to get paid for creating top 10 lists, known as "listicles."

Showcase your creativity and make multiple recommendations in a single article.
Once published, you'll receive payment through PayPal for your engaging and informative lists.

7. Slicethepie

Slicethepie allows you to share your thoughts on various categories, including new music, commercials, fashion items, and accessories.

Help brands, artists, and record labels make better decisions while earning $5-12/hour.

Improve your pay by writing better reviews, and once you reach the $10 minimum limit, you can withdraw your earnings.

8. Ciao

Review various products, including those from Amazon, on the UK-based site Ciao.
Earn more based on the traffic generated by your reviews. Request a payout of five pounds or more through PayPal.

By practicing and generating significant traffic, you can make money online through your insightful reviews.

9. Apperwall

If you enjoy using mobile apps, Apperwall allows you to download, use, and review them.

Earn $1 per review that passes moderation, and by reviewing one app daily, you can earn $30 by the end of the month.

Payments are conveniently made via PayPal, and the referral program allows you to earn 10% of your friend's earnings.

10. Gartner Peer Insights

Gartner Peer Insights focuses on technology and software product reviews. By helping users make informed decisions, you can earn around $25 for each successful review.

Increase your chances of acceptance by providing detailed and insightful reviews. There is a limit of 10 reviews per year on this platform.

11. UserTesting

UserTesting offers an opportunity to earn $10 for each review by testing websites and applications.

Record yourself using products or services and create a 20-minute video review using any device.

Companies value your valuable insights, and you'll get paid for sharing your feedback.

12. Review Stream

Review Stream provides a platform for earning money by reviewing various products.

Earn bonuses and votes of confidence for useful reviews, with higher payouts for popular products and services that align with the platform's guidelines.

Share your honest opinions and get rewarded for your valuable insights.

13. Harris Poll Online

Join the reputable research firm Harris Poll Online and earn points by participating in surveys and reviews.

Provide feedback on marketing campaigns and product labels, and redeem your points for gift cards.

There's also a chance to win bonus awards while sharing your thoughts.

14. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a micro-tasking site where you can browse digital tasks, including writing reviews.

Choose from quick product reviews or in-depth blog reviews.

Payments are determined upfront, and you can receive money through Amazon Payments or gift cards.

15. G2 Crowd

G2 Crowd is a crowdsourcing platform where you can write reviews and earn payouts ranging from $5 to $25 per review.

Verify your identity using LinkedIn for increased credibility, and ensure high-quality reviews to meet the platform's strict requirements.

With these 15 legitimate platforms, you can monetize your passion for writing reviews.

Whether you're sharing your opinions on products, software, music, or even participating in surveys, these platforms offer opportunities to earn cash, rewards, and valuable insights.
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