Tesla has announced the release of its latest software update, enabling the activation of its vision-based park assist feature.

The new system utilizes vehicle cameras and Tesla's vision-based occupancy network to provide distance estimates to objects 360° surrounding the car. The technology was developed to replace the use of ultrasonic sensors, which were previously used for short-range object detection in parking situations.

Tesla Rolls Out Vision-Based Park Assist Feature in Latest Software Update

Tesla had previously announced its plans to move towards a fully vision-based parking system, with the aim of simplifying the process and reducing the complexity of additional sensors.

This latest software update, version 2023.6.9, will provide Park Assist, Autopark, Summon, and Smart Summon to cars that were previously delivered without these driver aids.

Tesla owners are advised to check for the software update to take advantage of this new feature. Videos showcasing the park assist system in action have already begun to emerge, demonstrating the accuracy and effectiveness of Tesla's latest innovation.