Saturday, October 26, 2019

Blogger Rolled Out New Dashboard with Fresh Look!

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Blogger (Blogging Platform by Google) has recently rolled out the new UI design of Blogger Dashboard!  The main changes are in States, Comments & Themes.

In 2017, Blogger replaced 'Template' with 'Theme'. And after few days, Blogger launched new Blogger Themes.

Now in 2019, they introduced new look of Blogger dashboard.

And this is the big sign of stability of Blogger platform. If you search on Search Engine, you will get a lot of criticism on Blogger stability.

But Google, updates regularly to improve this blogging platform.

Check The New Dashboard -

Try New Blogger

1. New Blogger Option

New Blogger Option

2. New Blogger Stats

New Blogger Stats

3. New Comment Feature

New Comment Feature

4. New Theme Editor

New Theme Editor

5. New Mobile Settings

New Theme Settings
New Mobile Settings

If you don't get the option to try the new Blogger, wait few days, it will be automatically added to your Dashboard. 

Let's share your thoughts on new Blogger Dashboard. Thanks! 

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