Already you are familiar with Disqus comment system, right? If you don't know - Disqus is a Freemium (Free and Premium) Comment system that allow to integrate it to any platform like WordPress, Blogger, Wix, Non-CMS etc.

Read - How to Add Disqus to any website.

In 2019, it is the great news for the publisher is that, Disqus has announced its amazing monetize features - Reveal Ads!
Disqus Reveal Ads Guideline

If you have a website or blog with good traffic (Because Revenue depends on Traffic!) , you can generate additional MONEY from your website alongside other Ads Network (Google AdSense, Media Ads, Paid Ads, etc.)

Advantages of Disqus Reveal Ads

  • Additional Earning from Comments. Not bad! 
  • Disqus Reveal Ads is fully compatible with any other Ads in your website.
  • Easy Approve! You don't need to wait for approval like Google AdSense
  • Easy payment method & threshold. 
  • No country restriction! 
  • Attractive Ads type.

Disadvantages of Disqus Reveal Ads

  • Displaying ads is allowed only in Comment Layout position. 

Ads Type

Disqus Ads are similar to the Google AdSense. It supports the following type advertisement.
  1. Display
  2. Native Ads with Link and Story
  3. Video

Payment Method: 

  1. Wire Transfer
  2. Check
Minimum Threshold: $100. 

Disqus pays monthly (if minimum threshold completed). 

For more information, check out from Disqus.

Remember: You must fill the payment information completely. 

How to Edit/Add Payment Method for Disqus Ads

How to Edit/Add Payment Method for Disqus Ads
  1. Go to this link and choose your website.
  2. Hover your mouse on like the screenshot and click on "payment method and other information".
  3. You will be redirected to another new page and complete all forms with your information. 
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