Thursday, January 31, 2019

What is the Role of Newspaper Today?

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Make it VIRAL whether it should be or shouldn't be but definitely It will be covered by maximum Newspapers.

By the way, I am talking perspective of Bangladesh.

Before the evaluation of Social Sites, we read or listened NEWS first, than it had been VIRAL!

But nowadays, It is opposite in the maximum cases.
Role of Newspaper Today

Not only making VIRAL, We get any update news before publishing news.

So the question of Million Dollar, what is the role of Newspaper today?

In my opinion, nowadays roles of Newspaper are -

1. Publishing News with the view of their benefits, it maybe Political, Commercial or Organization view.

2. Publishing the already published News (Through Social Sites or Apps) in the view of acceptance.

3. And the last one is - Publishing unfocused but important News beside other.

Most of Newspaper follow the first one of above, not the rest two.

So we don't believe in Newspaper as much we rely on News from Social Sites or Apps.

Don't talk about the Online Version of Newspaper. They always follow the Click-bait. That's why the heading of news is more attractive somewhere it becomes sexual.

You have already noticed that many unknown people published online Newspaper.

Because Online Newspaper is now a monetized website as well as other.

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