Thursday, November 1, 2018

I Will Never Purchase Any Product from ETSY Again! [Review]

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Few days ago, I had ordered and paid for a digital product (Blogger Theme) in Etsy. This experience forced me to publish this review. Already you knew, it must a negative review. But I want to explain - Why and What did happen on that day. Stay with me. 😶
Review of Etsy Online Shopping Site

# Empty Delivery Files

Since I am providing services about Blogger Theme Development, Customization & any task related to Blogger Template, my loyal clients told me purchase a Theme for him. After searching I found this theme in Etsy Online Shop. The price was also affordable. So I ordered and paid for this premium template. As usual I got an email as delivery. I checked the mail and got three zip files. After downloading and extracting I couldn't belief - They just sent me the widget files not Theme.

# No Customer Support 

I thought it may be due to technical issue. So I have sent a mail about this incidence to their customer support. I had sent this mail on 11th October, 2018 but they didn't reply till now when I am writing this post (31st October, 2018).
no reply from etsy

# Registration, Login, Password Reset Problem

You can't believe, how much time I have wasted for registration, login. Every time they showed an error - Email address is invalid.

I had tried through password reset but same result.

registration fail in etsy

If you think all problems are occurred for this, I will say - not for this. Because, I had good experience purchasing product in Etsy before the last order and without registration.

# Final Word

Really it was very bad experience with Etsy. Since they couldn't deliver the orignal products, they should had refund my balance. But they didn't it even they didn't any response of my mail.

I will never purchase anything from Etsy again.

If you have any good or bad experience in Etsy, you can share with us through comment.

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