Bitcoin is the world's biggest and the most popular cryptocurrency. In 2017 it has already gained 19/20 fold. Increasing the value of Bitcoin has become the best news for the investors to Bitcoin Cryptocurrency trading but it has also become the  headache of central Banks.
So if you have a plan to invest in Bitcoin trading, you should be conscious about the future of Bitcoin in 2018: Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Trading will be  profitable or lose?
Investing to Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Trading 2018

It is not possible to predict the exact future of cryptocurrency will be happened in 2018 but the following analysis will help you the summurize you should to do.
End of the 2017, the governors & central bankers from several economical countries have raised their voice up against cryptocurrency especially Bitcoin.
You know, Bitcoin is decentralized currency. It isn't regulated by a central bank what is happened with global currency. So the cryptocurrency exchanging impacts on local currency.

1. European Union

Recently, the governor of the National Bank of Belgium (Part of the Euro system), Jan Smets said on a conference that people should be warned about cryptocurrency and he also claimed that this is not currency at all. He warned the people who are investing in Bitcoin can lose a lot.
For a reason he told the possibility of the catastrophic for wider economics. [Reference: Reuters]

2. China

Few days ago, China had dominated the Bitcoin markets. It was about 90% of global trading. But the central bank of China banned Initial Coin Offerings (IFO) and stopped all the cryptocurrency exchanges within September. So why the raises of Botcoin did not impact on the Chinese economic too much. Because, The Beijing is out of their statement. [Reference: Telegraph]

3. South Korea

According to AFP Reported, about 20% of Bitcoin trading accounts  are South Korean. This trading has become as popular that drawing wide participation was from housewives and students.
Reuters reported that the trading prices of virtual currencies including cryptocurrency were much higher. That was the happiest news for the investors to forex & cryptocurrency trading. But the government had announced regulation on this. So why, the cryptocurrency trading drops, though their government had warned several times to stop this illegal trading. They also predicted that if the investors don't be warned they could result in high losses cause of excessive volatility.
Now the South Korea's Government has banned its financial institutions from any dealing in virtual currencies. [Reference: Reuters]

4. Japan

In April, the lawmakers of Japan allowed the use of Cryptocurrency including Bitcoin to make payments. But looking the impact on local currency, they are also now warning their peoples not to use Cryptocurrency. Governor Kuroda said the price increasing of it is abnormal. For that, very soon they may stop this decentralized currency as a payment method. [Reference: CNBC]

5. India

The reserve bank of India is very concerned to the virtual currencies. They have warned several times to their peoples not to use cryptocurrency, because it is very risk. Regulators are also worried to think, the misuses of cryptocurrency. [Reference: CNBC]

6. Australia

Philip Lowe, the governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia has said the virtual currency as a "Speculative Mania".
According to the Jakarta Post, to protect the local currency, the Southeast Asia region's has plan to ban any Cryptocurrency and it will be started from the beginning of 2018.
Cryptocurrency is already banned in Bangladesh and the Bangladesh Bank has again warned the people not to use.
So we see the future of Cryptocurrency trading in 2018 is complicated and the possibility of getting profit from investment may be very little.
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