Published: Friday, December 22, 2017, Updated: Friday, September 16, 2022

How to Earn Money Online By Typing Without Investment

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Finally, you want to earn money online just by typing and without any investment. Ok. If you are new to online, I suggest you get help or suggestion from expert and experienced online freelancers before starting online jobs.

And if you have already tried many websites where they promise to pay for doing typing jobs (both online and offline) and you have been victimized. Because most of them are the scam, not legit. They don't pay even I have found a website which doesn't respond any email after completing registration according to their procedure. They just collect your personal information.
How to Earn Money Online By Typing Without Investment

If you don't want to be victimized, just listen to my guideline and it will help you to make successful freelancer.

1. Build & Grow Your Skills

  • Typing Speed should be 200+ CPM (Characters Per Minute) or 40+ WPM (Words Per Minute).
  • Don't mistake Grammertical, Spelling & Punctuation.
  • Grow you listening skills. 
  • MS Office, Libre Office, Google Docs, PDF to Doc etc.

Have you tried these Typing Master Software to speed your typing? You can try.

2. Doing Typing Related Jobs on Freelancing Marketplaces

When you are complete to starting typing related jobs, create a professional profile on Freelancing Marketplace. You will get many related jobs: Data Entry, Content Writing, Copy Paste, Transcrpting, Proof Reading, Article Rewriting etc.

Before creating job profile on the popular Freelancing Marketplace, observe the highest paid freelancers profiles.  It will help you to create a professional profile and get your first job very soon.

3. Offering Services From Your Portfolio Website

You should not depend on only Freelancing Marketplace, rather you should create your own workspace for more reliable and stable career. So you need your own portfolio website where you can offer your services in the perfect way to your clients.

Just buy domain & hosting on HostGator (recommended) and create you first and final portfolio Wordpress Website. Choose the best web hosting plan according to your budget.

4. Starting Blog or Website in English

Just doing Typing related jobs isn't productive, creative and so why you may fed up one time. Since you have typing, writing skills, you should not be unproductive. Start blogging or website. It will generate more money for you. You can also earn money in passive income way. It is Affiliate Marketing.
See 5 ways to make money from Blogging.
If you feel interesting in bloging and writing, don't miss this awesome chance.

Do you have any suggestion, opinion? Feel free to share with me through comment box.
Elliyas Ahmed
Elliyas Ahmed