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Paypal Xoom Bangladesh - Complete Guide

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Probably you may know Paypal's Xoom services has been officially launched in Bangladesh at the end of October 2017. For why it will be easier to send money to Bangladesh from others country like USA, UAE and others and vice versa to receive money.

Advantages of Xoom:

  • Transfer over $1000 is totally free.
  • It takes few seconds to deposit in SIBL account and minimum 2 days to deposit in others local BANK.
  • You can reload or recharge any amount on your phone number instantly.
  • Cash pickup location is available to receive money. 

Disadvantage of Xoom:

  • You can't use your Paypal Balance to make transaction with Xoom. You have to do from your PayPal-linked bank account, credit card, or debit card. [Source]
  • Xoom will cut $4.99 if you make transaction under $1000. If you receive $10 you will get $5.01.
Paypal Xoom Bangladesh - Create Account, Send & Receive Money

How to Create a Paypal Xoom Account:

Creating a Xoom account is very simple. You need an email and your personal information like Name, Phone number.
  1. Go to Xoom and Sign up.
  2. Put the information it requires or you can sign up with your Paypal account.
  3. Email verification and finish. 

How to Send Money from US to Bangladesh Via Xoom:

You need to have a Xoom account and add your Bank account/Credit/Debit card and then complete the following procedure step-by-step.
  • Sing in/Log in your Xoom account.
  • Go to "Send Money" option and choose 'Bangladesh' to send.
  • Put an amount you want to send in 'Send Amount' option. Next continue.
  • Choose "Bank Deposit" or "Cash Pickup" from "How would you like the money received?" option and click on "Continue".
  • You will see an option "How do you want to pay?" .Choose your payment method from here. You can choose Bank Account/Credit Card/Debit Card. Next continue.
  • Here you have to provide the Recipient information. Next Continue to Payment

How to Request for Money From US Via Xoom:

Currently you can receive money through Cash Pickup Network by following the procedure. Bank deposit is not available at the present.
  • Go to your Xoom Account.
  • Click on Request option.
  • Choose your country from 'Start Requesting' button.
  • Next select Money from 'What would you like to request' option.
  • You will see 'Cash pickup network' option. Click Continue
  • Mention your amount to you would like to request and then Continue.
  • Enter an email address from whom you request and put any message to encourage. You can choose different option from drop down.
  • Request Now.
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