Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Google AdSense For Bengali Content (Website/Blog) is Now Available

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A good news for the Publishers (bloggers and authors of Bengali/Bangla Website or Blog who has been trying to apply Google AdSense for Bengali/Bangla content) and Advertiser (Who has been trying to reach in exact audiences their advertisement).

Google AdSense For Bengali Content is Now Available

Google AdSense Internationalization Team has been announced from official blog.

Till few days ago, it was big challenge to put AdSense code among Bengali content.

Now Bengali is included into the list of Languages AdSense Support.

So the program policy is same for Bengali content.

Why Google AdSense has been included Bengali content:
  1. AdSense now can understand Bengali. Because, contributing through Google Translator, it collects a large amount data on Bengali content.
  2. Bengali language is spoken by about Millions of people in the world: major people from Bangladesh, India.
  3. Interesting in Bengali language content has been increased.
What are the advantages of advertiser from Bangladesh/India?

Absolutely, it has been made big advantages for advertiser specially from Bangladesh and India. Because, they can easily target appropriate audiences to show their advertisement through Google AdWords. Reaching exact audiences will must generate more profit.

Thanks Google AdSense Team to include Bengali language. For this contribution, it has great chance specially for Bangladesh to turn business in on-line. They can easily do marketing better than off-line and publishers will be encourage to publish advertisement in Bengali content.

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