Blogger is a popular free hosted blogging platform offered by Google. It has maximum blogging features that others blogging platform provide.
Learn how to create a blog for free and earn money.
Without post editing, drafting, theme customizing, custom theme installing, setting up custom domain Blogger provides many helpful features to blog properly.

The popularity of Blogger has been increased for its free and secured hosting, though Blogger has few disadvantages beside a lot of advantages. Yet, professional Bloggers recommend to start blogging on this platform.

We are who use Blogger as blogging platform, we have tried many features of Blogger already. But we didn't try some excellent features for many reasons. Somehow we have neglected those features or didn't try to avoid unknown problem.

Some of this secrets features of Blogger will be discussed here.
5 Secrets of Blogger (Service) You Don't Know

1. Post Template: Have you ever thought, if it would be possible to custom or pre-format each new post by including some text, design with code, when we will create new post by Editor? Yes, it is possible by using 'Post Template' feature.

Post Template allows to put HTML/CSS code or plain text. If you save custom pre-format, you will see the result on post editor when you will create new post.

Example: If you put 'Please comment bellow' on Post Template and Save Setting, when you will create new post, you will see same text on post editor by default.

To enable post template,
  • Go to Blogger → Setting → Posts, Comments and Sharing
  • Click on 'Add' option and you will get a box to put code or text.
  • Put your code or text on the box and 'Save Settings'.
Post Template in Blogger

Suggestion: You can put custom Author Box, Subscription Mail Box, Google AdSense Code (Advertisement at the bottom of post) by following this method.

2. Comment Message: Keep comment system on blogging post is strongly recommend by Google. But spamming is always negative impact on SEO. So you can alert to user by putting some text at the top of comment box in Blogger.
To do that, you don't need to edit code on Editor. It is so easy.
  • Go to Blogger → Setting → Posts, Comments and Sharing and Scroll down.
  • Find 'Comment Form Message'. 
  • Click on Add.
  • Put your text here.
  • Save Setting.

comment from message in blogger3. Posting by Email: Yes. You are seeing the true. It is possible to post through email.
  • The subject of email will be published as Title of Post.
  • The body of email will be published as post. If you put #end on body of email, then the part before #end will be published as body of post.
  • Attached image of email will be published as image of post.
But in which email, you will send this mail? You need to create an secrete email account in Blogger.
posting using email in blogger

To create email in Blogger -
  • Go to Blogger → Setting →Email.
  • Choose Posting using email option and put secret word in secretWords option. 
  • Then your email will be: username.[secretword] and send email on this mail manually. 
  • If you share this email others, they can publish post by sending mail. You can also set up as 'Disable', 'Draft' , 'Publish'.
4. Auto Publishing Post in Schedule: Suppose you have created a news post as draft. Because you don't want to publish now, you want to publish this post in fixed date automatically.  You can do it by fixing date and time.

    publish post in schedule automatic in blogger
  • Go to Blogger → Posts → Click on the title of your draft post to publish in schedule.
  • On right go on Post settings → Click on Schedule option.
  • By default, it has Automatic. You have to select date and time and choose your date and time to publish in future. 
  • Save.

5. Title Links and Enclosure Links: After publishing post you can link your title of published post with specific any valid URL. It is called title links in Blogger.
Similarly, you want to post playable MP3, mp4 or png, jpeg image etc content in feeds (RSS, Atom), you can do it easily with enclosure links option.
To get those access, you need to enable title links and enclosure links. First check it is available or not in your blog.
  • Go to Blogger → Posts → Click on the title of your selected post.
  • On right go on Post settings → Click on Links. 
title link and enclosure links in blogger

If you don't see 'Title Links' and 'Enclosure Links' then enable manually as below:
  • Go to Blogger → Settings → Other and Choose 'Enable Title Links and Enclosure Links' option from Site Feed.
  • Click Yes and Save Settings.

How to put title link:

  1. Go to Blogger → Posts → Click on the title of your selected post.
  2. On right go on Post settings → Click on Links
  3. Put any URL of you want to linked with your post title. 
  4. Publish/Update Post.

How to put enclosure Link: 

  1. Go to Blogger → Posts → Click on the title of your selected post.
  2. On right go on Post settings → Click on Links. 
  3. Put the URL of content (Video/Image etc media content) in Add link option.
  4. If the extension of media content available in URL (Exm:, it will automatically show in 'Add mime type' (as audio/mp3). If doesn't show then you have to put as image/png, image/jpg, video/mp4 etc.
Most Blogger user don't know this 5 Secrets. You should try this. Blogger is awesome.

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