The comprehensive guideline will help you to choose the best on-line computer programming training courses, free and paid.
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Best Online Computer Programming Courses With Guideline

Though it is a dopey and backdated question, why should you learn to Program? It may be Computer Programming or Web Programming, where UK government has put computing program of study in their National Curriculum to ensure all pupils that they can do the followings.
aims of putting compuing program in national curriculumn in England

What said the famous technologist about programming to learn:

"Everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer. Because it teaches you how to think"
- Steve Jobs, the CEO and Co-Founder of Apple Inc. 

"More Kids should learn to program"
- Bill Gates, the Chairman of Microsoft on an interview by CNN.

The Guardian has published an article why every child should learn code. The writer of this article, Dan Crow has answered the question - Why it is so vital to teach coding our children? - as we are living such a time where we are dominated by Software.

Then more, if you need to the professional reasons why you should to learn code, read this article.

How to start learning code

How to start learning code:

  • Attend the coding game or learn code with fun program. For better, you can choose as learning code with fun. Like Minecraft Hour of Code, Moana: Wayfinding with code, Make a flappy game, Star wars: Make a galaxy with code  etc. , it offers a lot of funny program to learn code easily. You can make filter as your skill. You can install Kid app to learn code from INTERNET. 
  • Justify yourself, why should you learn code?
  • Select the best instructor and consult with your problems and target. Though it would be better to consult with instructor, you can also make decision from here.
  • Choose the programming language according to your target.
  • Take any coding course: Paid courses are always recommended. But you can take free coding course.
  • Read books are recommended by course instructor.
  • Be patient to complete course.
  • After completing course, grab free programming books, videos.
  • Try to create funny projects but small.
  • If you be interest to solve problem, then try online judge to solve problem with code.

Which programming language is the best to start learning code

Which programming language is the best to start learning code?

While determining to learn code, it is the vital question - which programming language is the best to start?

For Computer Science student, most of instructor suggest C/C++. But who are not student of Computer Science? For them? I have found, Python is the best programming language to start learning code for anyone.

Why? has put Python on the top as a programming language to start learning code for first-time programmers.

Don't bound yourself with my opinion. You can choose PHP, JavaScript, Java, Ruby, C#, .NET etc.

To determine the right programming language, you should emphasis on some points on the view of experts.

  • What is your goal to learn code? If Web Development, then choose HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, jQuery, Ruby etc. If Android Application, then choose Java, jQuery, XML etc. If Computer Application, then C/C++, C#, .NET, Python, Java etc.
  • Language is not more important than how you are skilled to implement program with code. Because the syntax may be some difference but the elements of programming language are same: I/O, Decision Making, Loop, Function, Data Structure, Operation etc.

 Free and Paid Coding Course - Which is better and why?

Free and Paid Coding Course - Which is better and why?

It is always true that, free coding course isn't rich and effective as paid coding course.
Here is the exclusive advantages of paid coding course:
  • You will get expert instructors with each course. So you don't need to hire any instructor separately. 
  • Paid coding course offers HD video, Document File, Code Source etc with each Lessons. 
  • Most of course program offer guarantee about satisfaction. So you can imagine how much this course is effective, helpful and organized.
  • If you face any problem to understand any lesson or topic, then you can get tech support from paid coding course organizer via email, live chatting etc. 
  • It describes less but teach much.
  • Most of program offer Diploma and Certificate Course.
Top Popular Programming Courses by Udemy

Course Name Price
C Programming For Beginners$15
The Ultimate Python Programming Tutorial$15
Ruby Programming for Beginners$15
Learn PHP Programming From Scratch$15
Programming Java for Beginners$15
It doesn't mean free coding courses are not so effective and resourceful. You can get such type services from free courses but not all.

Top Free Computer Programming Courses

1. MIT Course:

Features of MIT Courses:
  1. It is free.
  2. Home: You can check who are the instructor, how much time it will take, who are the eligible etc of the course.
  3. Syllabus: You can see overall this course at a glance.
  4. Reading: To understand the course and read, MIT Course suggest the reference book.
  5. Lecture Video: Lectures by Professor of MIT are available of each lesson.
  6. Lecture Slides and Codes: You will get Lecture Slides in PDF and Code of each lesson.
  7. In-Class Questions and Video Solutions: You can check yourself after completing each lesson and will get the solution with video.
  8. Assignment: After completing Lecture it offers Assignments on problem set to solve.
  9. Download Course Materials: You can easily download course materials so that you can learn from anywhere, anytime, without connecting INTERNET.

Course Name Level Course Link
Introduction to Computer Science and Programming in Python Undergraduate See Course
Introduction to Computational Thinking and Data Science Undergraduate See Course
Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Undergraduate See Course
Introduction to Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Undergraduate See Course
Introduction to Computers and Engineering Problem Solving Undergraduate See Course
A Gentle Introduction to Programming Using Python Undergraduate See Course
Introduction to Programming in Java Undergraduate See Course
Introduction to MATLAB Programming Undergraduate See Course
Introduction to MATLAB Undergraduate See Course
Elements of Software Construction Undergraduate See Course
Introduction to Algorithms Undergraduate See Course
The Battlecode Programming Competition Undergraduate / Graduate See Course

Free Programming Courses by Google

2. Google Course:

Course Title Level Course Link
C++ Beginner See Course
Python Beginner See Course
More Free Program by Google
Program Name Type Level Course Link
Blocky Games Funny Beginner See Program
Careers With Code Professional Intermediate See Program
Code Jam Code Competition Intermediate See Program
Codelabs Professional Intermediate See Program
Free Programming Courses by Microsoft

3. Microsoft Course:

Course Title Level Course Link
Introduction to Python: Absolute Beginner Beginner See Course
Introduction to Python: Fundamentals Beginner See Course
4. Codecademy Course: Codecademy offers free online Programming courses. This courses is very effective and helpful for beginners.

Features of Codeacdemy:
  • The easiest way to learn specific programming language for beginners.
  • Online Code Editor and Compiler are available.
  • Collect point by finishing lessons.
  • Each lesson is in-short but effective.
  • Quiz Yourself is available to check your skill.
  • Allow to discuss on community forum.
  • You can upgrade your account to get more features.
The courses by Codeacademy are distributed as below:
HTML and CSS, JavaScript, Python, Java, PHP, Ruby, Watson API,jQuery, ReactJS, Ruby on Rails, AngularJS etc.
5. HackerRank Course: If you have the basic concept of programming and want to learn specific programming language to solve code challenge and prepare yourself for interview then HackerRank is the best.

Features of HackerRank:
  • Learn Programming Language with solving code challenge.
  • Online Compiler is available. 
  • Rank yourself by completing and performing lessons.
  • Meet you with professional campus.
Programming Languages by HackerRank: C++, Java, Python, Ruby, SQL, Regex, Functional Programming.
president obama visits hours of code

6. :The CEO of, Hadi Partov has made this platform for the purpose to encourage students in US to learn code. It is the best and first recommendation to start learning code who doesn't know what is code, how work this, is it easy to learn, how to start etc. If offers some fantastic, funny and enjoyable program to learn code. So don't miss this program. It is free for all.

7. Khan Academy: It will help you to teach programming with JavaScript. Video Tutorials and Online Editor are available. Recommended for beginners.
Have got this article helpful or not working? Put your comment below. Best Online Computer Programming Courses free online programming courses for beginners
8. Alison: It offers free online courses by the top publisheres. It looks like Paid course. Video Tutorials are available. Very effective course to learn code. You can download study notes.  

Programming Languages by Alison: JavaScript and jQuery, C, C#, HTML 5, Perl, Python, Visual Basic, SQL, PHP etc.

Features of Alison:
  • Free courses.
  • You can purchase Diploma and Certificate Courses.
  • Video Tutorials are included.
  • Collect points and rank yourself.

Top Paid Computer Programming Courses

1. Udacity: Udacity actually offers free Online Programming Courses but paid for Nanodegree courses. You can browse your courses from here.

2. Coursera: It offers Python, Java, MATLAB, R, Parralel etc programming courses free and paid.

3. Udemy: Udemy is the best online course platform for professionals beside beginners. Java, PHP, C,C#, Go, NodeJS, Ruby, AngularJS etc programming courses are available. The price of each course is very low ($15) now. You can also get free courses for beginners from Udemy Free Programming Courses .

At a glance more On-line Programming Courses

Website Languages Free/Paid Level Online Compiler Remarks
TutorialsPoint Any Programming Language you want Free Absolute Beginner Yes Most growing popular Tutorial Point, Video, Text, PDF
W3Schools HTML/CSS, PHP, JS, JQuery & many elements of Web Free Absolute Beginner Yes Popular Platform to learn to build Website.
Programmiz C, C++, Python, Java, R, Kotlin, DS, Algorithms Free Beginner No
Learn Code The Hard Way C, Python, Ruby, SQL, JavaScript, Unix, Regex Paid Beginner Yes HD Video, PDF, Email Support, Free
C Programming C, C++ Free Beginner No
Learn-Programming C, C++, C#, Python, Java, PHP, Perl, Ruby, JavaScript, Go, HTML, CSS Free Beginner Yes Different website for specific language. C, C+=, Java, PHP, DBMS, SQL, HTML/CSS,jQuery, XML, JSON, R, Android, SWIFT Free Beginner Yes No