After recording, it has many background sound or noise. To take background noise out of a recording file, we need an background noise or sound removal application and there has the best audio cleaner, Audacity a free software for Windows, Linux/Ubuntu, Mac. With Audacity an audio recording and editing software, we can edit any audio formate such as mp3, avi, wav etc.
How to Take Background Noise Out of a Voice Recording

While working with recording file, its need to remove background noisy sound which makes the sound clip poor.

I am working at JTV Online Television Channel. My job is editing audio clip according to video. Recording file is too much noisy. So it is highly recommended to take background noise out.

Personally I use Audacity a free audio recording and editing software. It is look simple but many things.

I have shared a little tutorial here about how to remove background noise from any audio file.
Before extracting clear voice from a noisy audio file, you have to install Audacity software.

Download  and installation method Audacity Software for different operating system.

2. For Linux run the following command through Terminal Ctrl + Alt + T.
sudo apt-get install audacity

How to Remove Background Noise From Audio Recording With Audacity

After completing software install, you are ready to remove background noise from your audio file.
STEP-1: Launch Audacity and create a new file (Ctrl + N) or File → New with opening your selected audio file from your computer directory. You can Save Project As’ for further using your created project.

STEP-2: Select the portion you want to remove background noise with your mouse and cursor dragging. If you want to select full then Ctrl + A
Select Audio track to noise out in Audacity

STEP-3: Now click on ‘Effect’ → Noise Reduction.. from toolbar.
You will see a command box like below. Click on ‘Get Noise Profile’.
Get Noise Profile in Audacity
Click on 'Get Noise Profile'

STEP-4: Again click on ‘Effect’ → Noise Reduction.. from toolbar and again you will see  a command box like below. You choose Noise Reduction in dB, Sensitivity, Frequency smoothing in bands by left-right from here and see ‘Preview’ you audio file. After setting up or without setting up, click on ‘OK’ and the graph of your audio file will be shrunk.
Get Noise Profile Enable to Noise Reduction
Click on Ok

STEP-5: You have removed noisy background sound from your audio. Now File’ → ‘Export Audio to export your edited audio.

Play your audio file in audio player. Have the background noise been removed? Let me know.

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