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Install Bijoy Ekushe to Linux/Ubuntu [Alternative Bijoy Bayanno]

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Bijoy Ekushe (Bijoy 21) is the best alternative and 100% similar of Bijoy Baynno (Bijoy 52). Both are built by Ananda Publishers. Currently they have published Bijoy Ekushe for Linux user and it is free to use personally. Before publishing it, many Bengali's were waiting for Bijoy Ekushe or Baynno and are using Unijoy or Avro.
See the Set up of Bijoy Ekushe (Alternative Baynnol) in Linux/Ubuntu

Install Bijoy Keyboard in Linux

Who had used Bijoy Baynno/Ekushe in Windows and has switched to Linux specially Ubuntu or Linux Mint, has fallen in great trouble to write Bangla in Linux smoothly. Though Unijoy offers to write Bangla in Linux as Bijoy Baynno or Ekushe but there had much limitations and differences between them. Specially Unijoy is not friendly as Bijoy Classic for publishing purposes. 
Install Bijoy Ekushe to Linux/Ubuntu | Write Bangla Bijoy Classic/Unicode in Linux
Obviously, Bijoy Ekushe for Linux will encourage Bengali people to switch in Linux from Windows. I am personally very thankful to Ananda Publisher.

How to Install Bijoy Ekushe in Linux OS

Since I am using Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, the most popular Linux distro, I will show how to install Bijoy Ekushe and write Bangla in Ubuntu 14.04. Don’t worry. This tutorial will work Linux mint, Ubuntu 16.04 and any other Linux version. If you face any trouble, let me know and I will help you the best.
8 Steps to install Bijoy Ekushe in Linux/Ubuntu:
  1. Purchase software and download Bijoy Ekushe zip file.
  2. Create a Folder named with bijoy at Desktop and move the all downloaded file to this (bijoy) folder.
  3. Open your terminal through Ctrl + Alt + T and run the following command step-by-step.
    sudo chmod 777 /usr/share/m17n/
        sudo chmod 777 /usr/share/m17n/icons/
        cd ~/Desktop/bijoy
        mv bn-bijoyClassic.mim /usr/share/m17n/bn-bijoyClassic.mim
        mv bn-bijoyClassic.png /usr/share/m17n/icons/bn-bijoyClassic.png 
        mv bn-bijoyUnicode.mim /usr/share/m17n/bn-bijoyUnicode.mim
        mv bn-bijoyUnicode.png /usr/share/m17n/icons/bn-bijoyUnicode.png 
        sudo chmod 777 /var/lib/dpkg/info/m17n-db.list
  4. Next you have to put the following lines in /var/lib/dpkg/info/m17n-db.list. So first open your gedit on this position.
    gedit /var/lib/dpkg/info/m17n-db.list
    You will see a editable file with lot of lines. Scroll at the end of line.
  5. Put the following lines and close this file.
  6. Go to search bar of your Ubuntu Computer and search for Startup Applications like below.

    Startup Applications in Linux Ubuntu
    N.B. For other Linux Version go to System → Preferences → Startup Applications

    Click on and you will see a pop box where has a feature to add in right. Click on “Add” and fill the empty box according to the below.

    Name: IBus Daemon
    Command: /usr/bin/ibus-daemon -d
    Comment: Start IBus daemon when Gnome starts

    After completing close the pop box.
  7. Restart your Computer.
  8. Now go to ‘Text Entry Setting’ by searching from Ubuntu Search bar or from the top-right corner ‘En’ option.

    For other Linux Version go to System → Preferences → Ibus preferences
    Then, click on Input Method →  Select an input method
    And go to Bengali → bijoyClassic (m17n), bijoyUnicode (m17n) → Add

    After clicking on ‘Text Entry Setting’ you will see a pop box like below.
    Text Entry Setting and Choose Keyboard Bijoy

    Click on ‘+’ sign to add. Now search for ‘Bijoy’ and it will show two result: Bijoy Classic and Bijoy Unicode. First select Bijoy Classic and ‘Add’. Similarly add Bijoy Unicode.
You have done. Bijoy Unicode for writing on Internet. That means, if you want to write in Facebook, Comment here you have to switch into Bijoy Unicode.

Activate Bijoy Ekushe for Linux

To Activate Bijoy Ekushe for Linux purchase this software from here

How to switch English to Bijoy Unicode or Bijoy Classic and vice versa?

Ans: Change from ‘En’ or Bijoy Icon that locates on top-right.
Or Superkey + Spacebar

LibreOffice Writer: Install the SutonnyMJ all fonts from the downloaded zip file to write in Bijoy Classic with SutonnyMJ Font. To get more Bengali font for Bijoy Classic and Unicode download the Bijoy Ekushe from officially.

Do you want to Install Unijoy, Avro in your Linux OS?
Put comment here in Bangla. 

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