Don’t waste your valuable time to tweet of every Blogger published post’s link in Twitter. Now it is very easy to make auto tweet with custom routine, custom hashtag. Google Feedburner allows to socialize your blog’s article automatically in your connected Twitter account.
Auto Tweets Every Blogger Post With Text, Link and Hashtag in Twitter
See the tweet that socialized in Twitter automatically by using Feedburner.
Now we will see how can we make possible to connect Blogger to Twitter and how to Blogger article make auto tweet in Twitter.

Follow the instructions:

I hope you have an account of Google Feedburner with selected blog feed. If don’t have, then create  Feedburner account for your blog feeds.

Step-1: Login Feedburner with your Gmail account.
Step-2: Select your targeting Blog to connect with Twitter.
Step-3: After selecting choose ‘Publicize’ from tab.
Step-4: Choose ‘Socialize’  from sidebar.
Step-5: Click on ‘Add a Twitter Account’ and you have to authorize your twitter account to connect with Feedburner.
Step-6: After authorizing you are ready to custom your tweet.
  • Custom your tweet from ‘Formatting Options’
  • Custom your post content of tweet, Hashtags by Post Label, Additional Text.
  • From ‘Item Selection’ you can custom your tweet routine by keyword, limit etc. 
  • ‘Sample Item Preview’ allows you to see the demo of your tweets.
Step-7: After completing tweet customization and setting, you have to activate to finalize.

You have made finish.

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