Learn how to get free virtual phone number for call and SMS. 

Sometime we need to get a virtual phone number free of specific country with area code (US, Canada etc.) to verify account or to send text or call from unknown or specific number. But it is prohibited to use this technique in any illegal purposes.
How to Get Virtual Phone Number Free to Call and SMS
There are many web application offer to provide a virtual phone number for both premium and free. Though there has much limitation of free or trial version, premium services with more minutes with call and SMS.

This tutorial will help you to create a free account and get a virtual phone number. If you need more advantages you can switch into premium version.

Textnow has the greatest feature to get a virtual phone number.

Step-1: Got to Textnow and create an account. You can create account with your Facebook information or you can made this with your email.

You may face to robot verification more once.

Step-2: After completing account creation, you have to put the area code of your virtual phone number. If you don’t know the exact area code of your selected area or country, you can get help from allareacodes.com . You can search by code, region, area from this site.

Step-3: Putting area code you will get your virtual phone number by pressing continue. Copy this number.

Step-4: To activate your virtual phone number you have to verify your account from email. Probably you have got an email with verification link. Check your email and click on verification link. If you don’t get this, go to setting from textnow and resend email verification.

Step-5: After verification completed you are allowed to send text and receive or call from your virutual phone number. You will see a dashboard like below and you will get Text/Call option from here.

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