Submit URL to Yandex Search Engine and Get Traffic From Russian Popular Search Engine.

Yandex is another popular search engine. Though it is Russian base Web Search Engine, after Google, Bing, Yahoo it is being used through world wide. So if you have the target about audience  more region through world, then you won’t be wise to avoid Yandex indexing and crawling. Moreover, after indexing and crawling by Yandex (add url to yandex) you will get more traffic from Search Engine.

Like Google Search Engine Console (Webmaster Tool), Bing Webmaster Tool you can submit your website or blog to Yandex and you can easily

Advantages of Yandex Webmaster Tool:

  • Get traffic from Russia and others region.
  • Easy to submit sitemap
  • Access to crawl instantly (20 URLs/Day).
  • Access to track specific URL.
  • Access to analyze search result.

Steps to submit website to Yandex Webmaster Tool:

How to Add Website to Yandex Webmaster Tool
Step-1: You have to an Yandex account to use Yandex Webmaster Tool. If you have not it, first create an account and it is easy to register from Passport Yandex with basic information. After registering you will get an email with extension. You can use Yandex mail service from  like Gmail. If you want to check Yandex email from your Gmail account, you can get it from Yandex mail setting. So why are you late to create an account to Yandex?

Step-2: Now go to Yandex  Webmaster Tool. To add your website click on + sign like below.
Add Website and Submit URL to Yandex
Put your URL and click to add button.

Step-3: After adding your website you have to verify your domain ownership. You can do it with Yandex Verification Meta tag, Verification HTML file, Verification DNS record, Verification WHOIS. But it is easy to verify with meta tag. You can see it after adding your website like below.
Verify Website with Meta tag, HTML, DNS, WHOIS in Yandex
You have to put this meta tag within <head></head> tag of your index or main file.

For Blogger, go to Blogger Dashboard → Theme → Edit HTML and search for <head> tag, then put the meta tag and save. 

For Wordpress, go to your host c-panel File Managment and look for header.php file from home directory. Open this file and put the meta tag after <head>.

After saving just opened and edited file, ‘Check’ the button from Yandex. If you did it properly, then it show the verification result with success.

Step-4: Adding website to Yandex Webmaster Tool is not enough. To index your site you have to submit sitemap of your website to Yandex and the sitemap must be generated with xml from. If you don’t know how to generate XML Sitemap, this tutorial for you.

After generating XML Sitemap, go to Indexing → Sitemap Files option from Yandex Webmaster Tool and you will see the below:
Submit Sitemap to Yandex Webmaster Tool
Put your Sitemap URL  and click on ‘Add’.

You have submitted your XML Sitemap File to Yandex. After few days, Yandex bot will crawl and index your website automatically according to your robots.txt .
If you want to crawl specific URL instantly to Yandex Search Engine, you can do it from Indexing→ Reindex Pages . You have to put URLs (maximum 20 URLs per day) and ‘Send’ to order of crawling and indexing.  
How to Reindex in Yandex Webmaster Tool

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