If your aim of blogging be serious to reach your content to many people, if you want to be a professional blogger, if you want to get revenue or fame from blogging or one of them, you  should avoid installing free templates or themes on your Wordpress, Blogger or any platform for this following reasons:

Free theme vs premium theme

1. Has no Access of Theme Support:

Developer of free themes doesn’t offer any theme support. They offer customer support with theme installation, bug, customization and others for their customer who have bought premium theme from them. Without theme support you can’t carry on blogging with this free theme or template. Because you may fall in troubleshoot about installation, bugs, customization and others.

2. Has no Update of Latest Version

Platform for blogging like Wordpress, Blogger etc. update their version with new features, more security and more user interface to make blogging dynamic. So theme design should be updated to compatible with latest version of CMS (Content Management System). Otherwise you can’t access all features and interface of your Blogging management system. Developer of Premium theme supports to release latest and update version of theme where it is not possible for free theme.

3. Less Secure

Theme developers are always sincere for paid clients. So they are serious about premium theme development. Nice & advance coding make theme more secure. So premium theme hase more security and reliable than free theme.

4. Less or Not SEO Optimized

To increase viewing of your blog, get organic traffic from Search Engine like Google, Bing, Yandex etc. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is how much important nowadays you can’t imagine. If your theme is not SEO Optimized, you will get few traffic from search engine & it will bad impact on ranking of your site.

5. Limited Feature

Free themes are developed with limited features where premium themes offer many useful features like contact page, custom 404 page, Subscriber Box, post arrangement short code, ready made widget etc.

6. Unexpected Widget in Blogger

If you have already installed free theme or template in Blogger, you will see some unexpected widget in your Blogger Layout and you are unable to remove this widget. This widget makes your site bull. To remove this you have to code in your Blogger HTML and I am sure it is not well for beginners.

7. Has Encrypted Code

In maximum free theme, you will see some code (JavaScript) in encrypted. Actually, hidden dofollow backlinks, redirect URL remain in this encrypted code and whatever be inserted. Obviously, encrypted code is always harmful for your blog security and search engine optimization.

8. Has Dofollow Footer Credit

Whenever you will try to edit footer section with removal backlink customization, you will be redirected to theme development website. That means, you are not allowed to remove footer credit with dofollow link. 

Without those there are many limitation in free themes. So you should buy premium theme.
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