Customized Blogger Dashboard help to organize and access multiple interface like adding new widget, editing widget, setting up blogger post etc. After converting HTML to Blogger Theme, we need to customize Blogger dashboard layout design.

Customize Layout for Blogger
If you don’t know how to convert HTML to Blogger Theme with simply knowing about HTML, CSS, then read this tutorial.

So the enthusiast Blogger developer, let’s start to customize your blogger dashboard with CSS. I think you know how to create a new section to Blogger Template. As you already know, it is easy to find out the id of each section.

  • You are not allowed to customize font, color, background. You are allowed only for width, margin, float of section layout.
  • You should better use % for width. Avoid using px.

You have to add CSS code to customize Blogger dashboard layout where all CSS code are kept. It would be better to put your dashboard CSS code just after <![CDATA[

You can put CSS like id but you have to add body#layout (with space) before id name.

Example: If we want to customize main section (id name = main), then we have to do like below.

body#layout #main{/*CSS Code*/}

For every class you have to do it. You can also define multiple id with same CSS property. Then you have to do like:

body#layout #main, body#layout #sidebar, body#layout #footer{}

Whatever, you have to put the following code to avoid ordered list & unordered list.

body#layout ul{list-style-type:none;list-style:none}
body#layout ul li{list-style-type:none;list-style:none}

I hope, you will be success to customize your Blogger Dashboard Layout.

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