Learn how to create XML Sitemap and how to submit XML Sitemap to Google.
Create XML Sitemap and Submit to Google
Indexing and crawling are the major cause to the level of search engine optimization. To get better SEO result for Blog or Website it needs to index and crawl properly and submitting XML sitemap to Google Search Console is the right way. Before submitting, we have to create XML sitemap for website or blog. We can create without helping from XML Sitemap Creator but it would be enough difficult.

So lets create XML Sitemap from XML Sitemap Creator and it is free to use.

Step-1: GO to XML Sitemap Generator.
Step-2: Put the URL Of your Blog or Website.
Step-3: Keep the setting default as below.
How to Create XML Sitemap
Step-4: Start button. It will be taken few minutes to create XML Sitemap. So I think you will keep better patient.

Step-5: After creating XML Sitemap you will see the following result. 

Sitemap Ready
You can download Sitemap File in different format (HTML,XML etc.). But it is nor required now. The HTML file will help to create sitemap page. It is good news that it is very easy to create auto generated separate sitemap page in Blogger.

Now you can check your XML Sitemap by visiting 


Replace compromath with your domain name.

You have finished to create XML Sitemap. Now you have to submit your XML Sitemap to Google Search Console. If you don’t know how to use Google Search Console properly, then read this tutorial.

How to Submit XML Sitemap to Google:

Step-1: Go to Search Console. Choose your property by clicking on domain name.
Step-2: Choose ‘Crawl’ and ‘Sitemaps’ as below.
Submit XML Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tool

Step-3: If you are in the first time to submit XML Sitemap, then you have to test your sitemap. To do this click on ‘ADD/TEST SITEMAP’ from the left corner and put ‘sitemap.xml’. Then first ‘Test’ and then ‘Submit’.

If you have already submitted your XML Sitemap, then you need not to do above. Rather, you have to scroll down little and you will get ‘Resubmit’ option. 

Resubmit XML Sitemap to Google Search Console
Check the /sitemap.xml and click on ‘Resubmit’ option.

Thats it.  
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