It is highly recommended to connect your website or blog to Bing the largest and popular search engine after Google, if you want to get more organic traffic from Search Engine. Adding website to Bing Webmaster Tool will permit to crawl and index your website after submitting XML Sitemap and Website author verification.
Connect Website to Bing Webmaster to Get Traffic From Bing & Yahoo

Yahoo and Bing were the most competitive search engine with each other after Google. But Now Yahoo is powered by Bing and Yahoo Webmaster Tool is connected with Bing Webmaster Tool. So if your website or blog is submitted to Bing, Yahoo will automatically crawl and index your website. For that it is not required to submit to Yahoo Webmaster Tool and no need to submit website to Yahoo.

To connect your website to Bing you have to complete the three steps.
  1. Create an Email Account from.
  2. Fill the form in Webmaster Tool.
  3. Verify Site Ownership.
Before connecting your Website or Blog to Bing Webmaster Tool you need an email account of Bing. If you haven’t it first create an email account  from Outlook Mail (Free Email Service by Bing).

I think you have created Bing account successfully.

Now go to Bing webmaster tools login.  After login you will see a form like below.

Fill the form with required information.

Add a Site: In URL Option give your site URL and in Sitemap option give your XML Sitemap of URL.

About Me: Provide your personal information, Bing email what you have just created, Job role, Company or Organization Name, Size, Choose Industry, Your contact phone number, City, State/Provinence, Zip/Postal Code, Country or Region.

Check the button if want to the given access from Bing Webmaster Tool and Save.

How to Verify Site Ownership in Bing Webmaster Tool?

To verify site ownership in Bing Webmaster Tool, you can choose 3 options: Uploading BingSiteAuth.xml to your Web Server, adding meta tag in your main HTML file and adding CNAME record to DNS.
N.B. Don’t close the Bing Webmaster Verification Tab from your current Browser.
Option-1: Uploading BingSiteAuth.xml to your Web Server

If you use self hosted for your website, you can verify from this.

1. First download BingSiteAuth.xml file from the given link and upload this file in root directory without any modification.
2. After saving this file you can confirm by clicking BingSiteAuth.xml .

3. If you see a XML file available to download, you are confirm to verify.
4. Go to  Bing Webmaster Verification Page and click on ‘Verify’.

Option-2: Adding Verification Meta Tag

If you are a Blogger user or you don’t use self hosted, this option will help you magically. 

1. Copy the given meta tag form Verify Ownership Bing Webmaster.
2. Go to Blogger Dashboard Theme Edit HTML and paste the meta tag after others meta tag.
3. Save your theme.
4. Go to  Bing Webmaster Verification Page and click on ‘Verify’.

Option-3: Adding CNAME record to DNS

If your domain provider give your full control you can verify site ownership with this.

1. Go to your Domain Provider Control Panel.
2. Create new CNAME and paste the code in ‘name’ option and paste ‘’ to ‘value’ option. You will get this code in your Bing Webmaster Verification Page in third option.
3. Save your setting.
4. Now go to Bing Webmaster Verification Page and click on ‘Verify’.

How to Submit XML Sitemap to Bing Webmaster?

After verification completed successfully you will be redirected to Bing Webmaster Dashboard. You will see your domain URL to ‘Site’ option. In ‘Sitemaps’ option submit your XML Sitemap URL to crawl and index your Website. Read how to create XML Sitemap.

You can get ‘Sitemaps’ option from Dashboard Configure My Site.

So you are ready to use Bing Webmaster Tool to see SEO result, indexing and crawling, search analytics etc. features and get traffic from Bing and Yahoo Search Engine.  

Similarly, you can connect your website to Google Web Search Console, Yandex Webmaster Tools.

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